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Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse Playset


If you are looking for a Spider Man toy for the littlest comic fan in the house, the Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse. This high flying action will have everyone pretending to be the web slinger in the family.

There is something about race tracks and little boys. Add to a race track a super hero and you have a toy that you know that your child is going to love. This figure 8 track is ready for fun!

Playskool Super Hero toys are some of the most fun that can be had. Children are loving all of the comic book heroes that we grew up with thanks to the big production movies out there. So why not get the youngsters the toys to go with them! From the Avengers, Spider Man, and many more, you will love these toys!

Spider-Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse

Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse PlaysetHelp Spider Man stop the Green Goblin on this high flying race track. Children will love putting Spidey on his bike and let him loose on this great figure 8 track. There is plenty of funhouse items included in this set to give it its name.

There is a funhouse mirror, spinning signs, and even a ball pit crash zone. Let’s not forget Spider Man’s stunt to help him to catch the Green Goblin.

You children are going to love playing with this toy!

Playskool Super Hero Adventure Crime Fighter Headquarter With Spider-Man Green Goblin

Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse PlaysetOnce you have the Funhouse track, you know that your child is going to want the Crime Fighter Headquarters. This set actually has the Green Goblin’s hideout and Spider Man’s new headquarters so children can easily play and create many adventures for these great characters.

This set comes with the headquarters, sports car, Spider man figure, and a Green Goblin figure.

Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Fire Station Prime

Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse PlaysetThis playset is another great addition to the Playskool Heroes. It is all about the Transformers and things being more than meets the eye. This fire station is not just where the Rescue Bots head out to stop the bad guys, it is also a robot in disguise.

This toy gives great light and sound affects with just a push of a button. Your little ones are going to love the 12 different phrases this toy says. There is an elevator to go p to the tower and of course there is a fire pole for sliding down.

This playset includes Fire Station Prime, one action figure, water canon, and a Fire Bot vehicle.

There are many great options when shopping for these Playskool Super Hero toys. You can build an entire collection based around one type of super hero or you can get them all. So whether your child is enjoying Transformers, Spider Man, or the Avengers, you will be able to get the perfect toy for him.

These toys are going to be perfect for young fans that can not yet play with the regular action figures that are available for these Super Heroes!

Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse Playset
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