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Playstation 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the PlayStation 4 to be released?

A. Sony was keeping the release date a closely guarded secret, with speculation being anywhere from May to November 2013. Sony did initially reveal that it would be out for the “Holiday 2013” season. If the release date is November, a great number of gamers expecting the PS4 for Christmas may be disappointed, unless Sony make enough available to meet the huge demand expected. Sony plans to release worldwide, addressing the issue that non-American markets have to wait to enjoy the latest generation PlayStation. The wait for die-hard fans will be torturous but they can console themselves that it will be this year! UPDATE: RELEASE DATE DECEMBER 31,2013

Q. How much will it cost?

A. While speculation has seen guestimates anywhere from $300 to $600, Sony have advised that there will be two models released to provide a choice, with the base model expected to have an initial price tag of $429 and the premium model to be initially priced at $529. This is in line with the price of the PS3 that was released in 2006 with a price of $499.99 for the 20GB model and $599.99 for the 60GB model.

It is interesting to note that within days of the PS3 being released, eBay was recording sales of the consoles for upwards of $2000 and one going for as high as $17,500. This is likely to happen again if Sony fail to supply sufficient units to satisfy their loyal fans. Of course there will always be some looking to take advantage of low supply levels and hiking up the prices. While many will find the full retail price worth the spend, waiting 6 months or more has proven in the past to see a significant reduction in prices on both models. UPDATE: $399.99

Q. How does the PS4 compare to the PS3?

A. For those wanting to know in layman terms what it means to your gaming experience, here’s the basics. Just like the PS3, this one is a PC-based model. As well as better CPU and RAM the latest generation PlayStation gaming console has the following improvements:

BLU-RAY: After complaints that the PS3 2x drive was annoyingly slow, Sony have really stepped up their game and increased drive speed to 6x. This should be a welcome improvement for gamers, and a great relief for many. No more frustrating wait times.

USB: Another huge improvement over previous models, having USB 3.0 allows gamers to add an external hard drive instead of having to upgrade the internal to get faster transfer speeds. USB 3.0 is also capable of transferring power 80% faster, which is a necessity for re-charging DualShock controllers.

WIRELESS: With the PS3 the difference between running the console on power and running it via wi-fi was so significant that wireless was a huge disappointment for many. Some reported speeds doubling on power, compared to wi-fi. With these new models wi-fi range and speed should be much better.

BLUETOOTH: A small increase to 2.1 won’t be as noticeable a change, but should still make pairing somewhat easier, especially if Sony’s “one touch sharing” is a feature of this newest console.

DUALSHOCK4 CONTROLLER: Weighing slightly more than the PS3, the additional weight is going to worth it, and probably not very noticeable by most gamers. Packed full of additional features, including a touch screen, this controller is likely to use more power but Sony have compensated for that with a higher capacity battery.

CAMERA: Perhaps one of the greatest improvements is the inclusion of 2 cameras on this unit, as opposed to just the one on the 2006 model.

All things being considered, the improvements over past releases are well worth waiting for. It seems that Sony have addressed many of the issues that players have with the earlier game system, all with smoother, faster graphics and user enjoyment in mind.

Q. Is It Worth The Price?

There are always fans who will pay just about anything to get their hands on the latest and greatest, so their answers will always be “Yes”. For the rest of us the price may be a bit of a deterrent. The additional features certainly are something to take into consideration, and for some will be enough to justify purchasing the newer console.

The base model is is priced in line with other gaming systems, so for many it won’t be a surprise, and will make it more affordable. With $100 difference between the base and premium models, I ca see there will be the usual numbers of people who won’t want to pay the extra, but for die-hard PS fans the extra money will be a ‘no-brainer’.

Q. Where Can You Get Your PS4?

Amazon.com is geared up to be able to supply a large number of them to their huge customer base. Of course, with the release date not yet officially announced, Amazon is only taking pre-orders at this time. If you don’t pre-order early, you risk losing out on the opportunity to get it upon release.

Q. What about new games?

A. As with any new system, the question of availability of really good games is bound to come up. Fortunately, Sony have anticipated their customers wanting new games as well and have scheduled the following games to release to coincide with the system’s release. Until such time as the gaming system and games are released, you are able to pre-order. This will give you a better chance of getting the game(s) you want as soon as they are ready for purchase.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the games that will be available for the PS4:
NB: In addition to the games featured below, other games expected to be released over the next few months are:
Diablo III
inFAMOUS: Second Son
Deep Down


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