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PlayStation 4 Review: New Best Games Console From Sony

PlayStation 4 Games Console Review

Reviewed By: hotshotracer on April 8, 2014

At last, long waiting for the best games console is over. PlayStation 4* (PS4) is one of the best games console developed by Sony Computer entertainment. After the successful run of PS3, Sony introduces new and improved, user-friendly, compact and pc like games console mainly for Gamers. The graphics quality and performance quality are amazing than Xbox One.

It is loaded with AMD x86-64, Jaguar 8 cores chip, 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor unit (GPU) and 8 GB GDDR5 ultra fast system memory makes it more powerful than other games consoles in the planet. PlayStation 4 contains new USB 3.0 ports, which provide super speed input-output data transfer. It also got better rating in many reviewers and shopping sites like Amazon (4.1 out of 5 Stars), Trusted reviews (8/10) etc.

PS4 Attributes

  • Listed Price: $399
  • CPU: AMD x86-64 Jaguar 8 Cores
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, Next Gen Radeon Based Gaming Engine
  • Optical Drive: DVD 8xCAV, BD 6xCAV (Blu-ary drives)
  • RAM: 8 GB GDDR5
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Connectivity: AUX, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB 3.0

The Pros

  • Cheaper than Xbox One
  • Great Value to your Money
  • Powerful gaming console platform
  • High graphics and performance quality
  • Improved Dualshock4 controller
  • Compact and user-friendly

The Cons

  • Video gameplay sharing is limited
  • Launch lineup is very thin

PS4 Video Review

Let’s see all features of Sony PlayStation 4 Review.

  1. PS4 fully loaded with custom memory with high performing graphics provides better gaming experience than Xbox One and PS3
  2. Mainly built for gamers
  3. $100 Cheaper than Xbox One
  4. New DualShock 4 wireless Controller
  5. PlayStation plus helps to increase gaming level and allows you to download new game collections directly to PS4
  6. PlayStation 4 Vita system enables to play games via 5-inch display over Wi-Fi connectivity
  7. Compact sized gaming console
  8. Only 9 pounds
  9. HDMI Cable
  10. Wired mono headset
  11. USB charging cable

PS4 Features-In Depth

PlayStation 4 is one of the best games console specifically made for Game lovers. This system contains powerful features makes it unique gaming console with better value for your money. Now we can see each and every features of PS4 review.


The design of PlayStation 4 is simply amazing. It is very slim, compact, jet black colored as compared to Xbox One. It dimensioned around 18.8 inch in length, 13.4 inch wide and 4.2 inch thick. The jet black body is colored in half gloss and half matte manner provides sleek look to PS4. The front face contains only two super speed USB ports and other side includes Ethernet, digital optical audio out, AUX and HDMI.


PlayStation 4 performance features are pretty interesting and more powerful than previous series and other gaming console competitors. The semi custom 8 core AMD x86-64 processor provide faster processing of data’s and it is also integrated with APU. For background tasks, a secondary low powered processor also present in it.

The 8 GB GDDR5 super fast, semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU and 256 MB DDR3 of main RAM provide you to faster and very pleasing gaming experience. With more memory, sport games and shooter games loos more realistic and maintains quality throughout the gameplay. The 8th generation PS4 also made for playing latest high graphics games like Assassins Creed IV BlackFlag, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground, TombRaider: Definitive Edition, Backlight Retribution, WarFrame etc. Let’s see gameplay video of Assassins creed IV in PS4.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

The new DualShock 4 wireless controller connects via Bluetooth connectivity provide better gaming experience and easy usage. The DualShock 4 controller is loaded with new features as compared to Dualshock 3 which contains Built-in multi-touch and clickable touch pad, built-in speaker, stereo headset jack and additional share button also.

Key Features

  • Multi-touch and clickable touch pad allows interacting games in new way
  • Light bar provides players identification and indicate players health, damages etc
  • Built-in speaker and 3.5 mm stereo head jack ports available for connecting gaming headsets
  • Improved ergonomic design, analog sticks and buttons for precision controls
  • Enhanced vibration motors provide greater degree of gaming expressions also
  • Built-in reachable lithium-ion battery (1000 mAh)
  • Only 210 grams

The inbuilt motion sensors and vibration motors provide more precise movements and greater gaming expressions for players. The new shape of DualShock 4 controller provides more comfortable holding for gamers. The clickable multi-touch pad offers new ways to interact with PS4 games. The responsive light bar enables to show gaming information’s like health, character damage and also used for player identification purpose.

The built-in speaker helps to experience the high-fidelity game sound with more effects from both TV and controller. A Stereo headset jack enables to connect gaming headset to DualShock 4 gamepad and enjoys high quality gaming around your ears.

PlayStation Plus Features

PlayStation plus is new feature allows players to experience the multi-player actions and helps to upgrading your gaming levels. It provides ticket to taste the top rated games on every month and more social with gaming communities.

PlayStation plus Features are:-

  • Get top rated games per month
  • Access and enjoy online multiplayer gaming
  • Save and back up your online games
  • Only one membership is needed for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

PS4 Accessories

PS4 provide many accessories which do function depend on your need. Accessories are PS4 camera, PS4 vita, Gaming headset, Dual shock 4 charging station and skins, Blu-ray remote, PS4 vertical stand etc.

Let’s see some of them and their features.

PS4 Camera

PS4 camera is new 3d depth sensing technology introduces to Sony for gamers helps to track players position with high precision. The innovation of PS4 camera upgrades your gaming experience and adds navigational voice commands to face recognition features. If you want to create gameplay, walkthrough guides and publish to gaming sites, PlayStation 4 camera is suitable equipment for you.

PS4 Camera Key Features

  • Dualshock 4 controller light bar allows to precise tracking of players
  • Facial recognition and voice commands enable hands free navigational functions
  • 3D depth sensing technology helps to play games with more realistic manner as compared to other gaming consoles
  • Four built-in micro phones allows to create narrated walkthrough guides
  • Only 15.4 ounces

You can also perform motion gaming, because of 3d depth sensing features completely scans your room and calculate your body movements in real space and create more realistic gaming environment.

DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station

Dualshock 4 controller works by consuming built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery of capacity 1000 mAh present in it. So, we need to recharge controller. Here PS4 provide dual controller charging station, charges up to two dualshock 4 controllers at a time and in simultaneous manner. It works by using an AC adapter and connect to ac power supply. Design of PS4 charging station amazing and provide two nice seats for Dualshock 4 controllers.

PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand

Playstation 4 vertical stand enables to stand your PS4 vertically and saves space on your table. It is made by Letek specially designed for PS4 gaming console with maximum security at upright vertical position.


Overall, PlayStation 4 is powerful and one of the best games console provide faster and better gaming experience than Xbox one and other gaming consoles. New 3D depth sensing features and sharing options makes it more social like Xbox live. PlayStation 4 is one of the recommend and value added hardware which definitely worth your money.

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