Plug yourself in for a faster internet speed

With the internet came huge benefits but there also came problems.

Everyone is looking for a quick fix with internet lag. How would you feel if I told you that you saw the answer everyday? Well you do, and you’re probably right next to it, a plug socket. The Powerline allows your internet to travel through the plug socket and into your computer.

Powerline Adapter

How does it work?

1. Place the adapters next to each other (plugged in) and press the pair button on both, one after the other. All the lights should light up to indicate they’re paired.

2. Plug the two adapters into a plug socket near the modem and at the destination.

3. Connect the adapters to their respective device using the supplied Ethernet cables

4. You’re good to go, you now have the internet running through your electrical wiring ready to be connected to another adapter if you buy one.

How much does it improve internet speed?

The scale of the benefits vary from person to person. For me personally I went from 0.7mb/s to 2.9mb/s. Not only that but I also got a more reliable signal (I didn’t keep disconnecting) and I ran it through a wireless router so I now have another Wi-Fi signal upstairs in my room for my phone. A massive improvement for me was watching YouTube videos. I went from buffering 360p videos to watching 720p videos with no lag. My friend bought one and got even better results than me! He now watches YouTube videos in 1080p without lag. Even if the improvement isn’t so good for other’s it’s still worth it for setting up new routers or having a direct connection.


  • Faster internet speed
  • Cheaper than buying a new wireless modem (£30)
  • A direct connection
  • Easier than running cables around your house
  • Multiple connections


  • Internet speed can be slightly lowered by using many other items
  • A spare plug socket is needed

The American version

The American version of this is available for $52 at this link.

Would I recommend it?

I have not once regretted buying the Powerline. Right now I have 9 tabs open and internet based programs such as dropbox running in the background. I even use it for online gaming! Even if it was more expensive I would still recommend it as it is amazing and I’ve never once had a problem.