Plumbing Problems with Simple Solutions

Sometimes, plumbing issues aren’t big or dramatic – they’re just annoying. However, many of these persistent issues have surprisingly simple solutions. The following tips for how to handle these frustrating, but quickly-solved, plumbing problems will bring you some relief!

Low Water Pressure

Unsatisfying shower? Low water pressure could be the culprit, which is often linked to problems with your sink faucet. First, check to see if this pressure issue is affecting both your hot and cold water. If both are affected, it is very likely that the aerator is causing the issue. Often, calcium deposits build up in the faucet aerator, reducing the water’s ability to flow through. However, repairing this aerator is simple. To clean it out, carefully remove the aerator, remove debris, and re-install it. If you have any questions, call a plumber you trust!

Slow Drains

Sinks and bathtubs that drain slowly are extremely common. In sinks, the pop-up used to stop the sink is often the culprit. Hair and debris can collect there over time, requiring a thorough cleaning before the water runs neatly through again. Your best option is to simply remove the pop-up and clean it out before re-installing and running your water again. Pop-ups are usually held securely with a nut that is attached to the drain beneath the sink. This can be unscrewed, either by hand or with pliers, to allow for cleaning.

If the drain in question is in your bathtub, hair and debris are also the likely troublemakers. A pair of needle-nose pliers can be an invaluable tool for reaching in and removing detritus from the drain. Be sure to clean out your tub’s drain regularly, even if you don’t notice a change in drainage speed. Clogs build up over time, and soap scum especially can slowly eke away at your plumbing’s ability to drain.

In addition to cleaning regularly with pliers, flushing your drain with hot water and baking soda regularly can help prevent buildup of grease and soap scum.

Garbage Disposal Jam

Jammed garbage disposals do more than just disallow any refuse from being tossed down the chute. Blocked systems can cause odor to permeate your kitchen and home. However, the remedy is simple. Be sure you have shut off the power to the disposal first. From there, look for an opening at the very bottom of the disposal. Insert the disposal key, which comes with your system, there to remove any refuse that may be clogging the area. This should free the motor and restore your system.

We want your home to run as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, the above tricks may help you remove simple blockages that are costing you time and energy. However, if you have bigger concerns, be sure to contact a plumber you trust, for exceptional assistance at a fair price.