Plump Your Lips at Home with Cinnamon Leaf Oil

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Lips beauty is said to be glorifying when your lips are having the plump. All of you just want to have sexy lips that should be free from clap, drying and should be naturally soft and smooth. For this little wish, its human tendency to first go for natural home remedies that can help you out. You search all the possible home remedies that can give your lips to have plump look.

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If you go through various home remedies for thin lips you must have heard or read about cinnamon oil. You must have gone through this sentence-‘Plump Your Lips at Home with Cinnamon Oil’. So here we present a brief about Cinnamon Oil along with its benefits and safety concern while using it as a home remedy.

Plump Your Lips at Home with Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Seekyt

How does Cinnamon Leaf Oil work?

Cinnamon oil’s botanical name is Cinnamomum verum. The oil is created when the leaves are distilled by steam. Many claim that cinnamon oil makes their lips plump or look fuller. It is physically said that lips become plumper when there is an increase in blood flow to the lips.

Cinnamon oil has chemical property of heating up the lips which then increases blood circulation. Thus making your lips look fuller and plumper or just to say you will get your lips to have pouty look.

How to apply Cinnamon Leaf Oil?

It is strictly warned not to apply cinnamon oil directly onto your lips. If you apply directly onto your skin it will cause irritation to the skin .Thus it must be
diluted. Dilution can be done in two ways:

1. Use lip balm: Apply lip balm onto your lips first. Then take one drop cinnamon oil onto your fingertip and apply onto your lips, which already have lip balm.
2. Use petroleum jelly: Take small quantity of petroleum jelly into a small container and mix only two drops of cinnamon leaf oil into it. Apply that dilution 2-3 times a day.

Dilution is essential; if not done you may damage or burn your lips.

Does cinnamon oil really plump your lips?

If you want to go for cinnamon oil you can. It is a cheap home remedy as compared to lip plumper product. It can work, however it’s not completely true. Many who had used cinnamon oil early says that it can make your lips bigger and plumper, however at the cost of damaging your own lips. It causes a burning sensation and also causes lots of itching. So stay warned of its possible side effects on your lips. It can work, if all possible precaution is taken.

Are there any safety concerns?

It is a deadly precaution tip that you should dilute cinnamon oil and then only apply onto your lips. If you don’t dilute your lips, they are going to get burned. So even after diluting you must check the benefits of cinnamon leaf oil onto a small area of your lips. If all is going well, you can go ahead. If not, please don’t give a try. Above all you may also consult a doctor, before using cinnamon leaf oil.


Your body has different skin layer. Each part of skin layer has different sensitivity and nature. Your lips skin is far different from your face skin. So if you go for any home remedy, you must think whether it is going to be suitable for you or not. You follow the care tips for each and every thing, then why not on home remedies. So, if you are going for cinnamon leaf oil you must be clever and protective for yourself. Since your beauty is in your hand, if you care well it is going to glorify.

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Plump Your Lips at Home with Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Seekyt
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