Pocket Video Camera Reviews

When on the go you always want to have a video camera ready. You just never know what is going to happen and what is going to take place around you. Sure, your cell phone probably has a built in video camera, but chances are this video camera is not very good. The video picture is going to be pixilated and scratchy, not to mention the content is almost impossible to hear.

This is exactly why you need to look for a pocket video camera which you can take with you. There are so many different pocket video cameras available you need to know what equipment works the best for you. You don’t want to go out and just purchase equipment you’re going to find is of poorer quality than even your cell phone.

This is why checking over the pocket video camera reviews is important. This video camera guide will inform you exactly what kind of cameras are best for you, how the hardware works and if it is actually going to help you capture and save the desired video content you’ve been looking for.

Panasonic Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder

When buying HD video cameras look for the one that will provide you the most value for your Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Dark Grey)money. This camera has some of the same basic feature you’ll find on just about any other pocket video camera. It records on HD, it is able to save content directly to an SD memory card and it fits right into your pocket. However, what makes this camera stand out is its 1x optical zoom. Sure, this really doesn’t sound all that impressive but that’s because you’re comparing it to a traditional video camera.

For an optical zoom to function properly you must have a lens which moves inside the glass. This means there must be enough room for the lens to physically move. In most opt pocket video cameras this just isn’t possible as there is no room to move, but with this Panasonic equipment you have the ability to do so, which helps you move a bit closer than you could before, read more reviews here.

Other pocket video cameras have a digital zoom, but this just zooms into the pixels, which makes the video look grainy. This alone is why it is on the top of pocket video camera reviews. Plus, the three inch LCD screen on the back gives you more than enough space to see what is going on and the webcam ability allows you to use the equipment directly as a webcamera when it is hooked up to your computer. For around $110 this is a solid deal and one of the most inexpensive hd video camera on the market today.

Sony MHS-FS2

The Sony MHS-FS2 does not have the optical zoom as the other video camera, but it does have some rather incredible features you’re not going to find on many other cameras, which is exactly why it is listed towards the top of the pocket video camera reviews.

This device allows you to select a specific color of camera to better fit your style (including red, blue, purple, green and several others). The full HD video records in MP4 video, plus you have the Sony Bloggie Duo Camera (White)ability to capture images at five megapixels. The 2.7 inch display screen gives you solid views on what you’re recording, and the two hour video internal memory is perfect for storing content on the go. Check out more reviews on Amazon.

You don’t have to constantly switch in and switch out micro SD cards but instead you just record content onto the hard drive, upload it to a computer and delete the content from the video camera, know more features, click here.

One of the nicest features is the two inch LCD screen on the front of the device. You’ve probably attempted to record yourself but have failed to do so because you don’t really know what the camera is seeing. Instead of having to try to guess every time as to what the camera is picking up you just need to turn on the front LCD screen and you can instantly see this information. This makes the camera great for taking self portraits of yourself or when you’re with a friend because it is far easier to do so on your own with the LCD screen, check more features here.

When it comes to purchasing a portable video camera for use, you probably want a device that is able to easily fit into your pocket but still capable of capturing exceptional images. This is why you need to look over the pocket video camera reviews in order to determine what is going to work the best, find pocket video camera comparison reviews on Amazon.