Poetry from the heart

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I have found a wondrous poem which speaks to me; it will also speak to you when I first read it, I was breath taken, because I felt like I was the one it was happening to and on top of that, we all can relate to it, have a look at it and see for yourself. Enjoy it as much as I did, it a great poem with a nice tone to it.

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It’s called, ‘will you love me.’

I know I make you mad at times,
I know I treat you like you’re not mine,
I’m sorry for all the pain that I’ve done,
It’s that I just don’t know what to say once I’m in love,
I know I say a lot of nonsense most of the time,

Yet I ask for more,
Maybe one day we’ll be bind,
Maybe one day I’ll get what I’m longing for,
Having you permanently in my life,
Because my love for you is pure,

It’s not a lie,
Because I think about you all the time,
Whenever I see you I get furore,
Because I love you more than before,
You’re always in my mind,

But I crave for you more,
Loving you is a crime,
Because every day I’m getting beaten up,
Not only bye lies,
But also by the word love,

I keep on wishing and praying that one day things will be alright,
And that I will get to hold you for the rest of my life,
But we don’t always get what we wish for,
That’s why I will love you more and more,
Until you’re the only one on my mind,

I love you for true,
I’m leaving all my kisses and hugs for you,
I know I took long to say this,
But this time I won’t make you say, Kerdel I’m leaving,
Because if I don’t have you in my life,
It would be hopeless to love again,
I love you, you own me I’m yours until the end,
All I want to hear,
Is Kerdel I love you.

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Poetry from the heart, Seekyt
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