Points of No Return

Sunday was Father’s Day, and the daughter who hated her father had absolutely no interest at all.   Momma, who knew the dynamics, had gone out and bought a present for Daddy and put the daughter’s name on it.

Daddy was happy with his present, and Daughter kept her mouth shut.  Then, late in the afternoon there was another argument, and Daddy tossed a handful of bills at daughter because he ‘didn’t want anything from her!’

The Daughter took the money, and when Daddy was out of the room, handed it to Momma who whispered, ‘Thank You.’

Daddy didn’t know, ever, that Daughter never bought him a Father’s Day gift.

Next door was a forty year old man who still blamed his parents for his lacks, like never having an eight year old birthday party.

His animosity waxed and waned sporadically for most of his life. The parents, who had long since stopped beating themselves up, moved a thousand miles away.

The first year they made calls, but the son didn’t answer.  They gave up.  The next year, the son shut off his cell and didn’t check his email.  Two days after his birthday he found no calls, and there were no ecards.

The next year he had his cell close at hand and sat by his computer. But there were no calls, no ecards.

This was no accident.  His parents had given up.  He had ‘won’.  They were the worst parents in the world and accepted it with a shrug.

Down the hall was a very pretty girl who had an on again, off again, relationship with a nice guy.

During an ‘off’ the nice guy met someone else. When Pretty Girl was ready for the ‘on’ the nice guy was engaged to someone else.

Sometimes in life you don’t see the border, but it is there.  And once you cross it, there is no going back.