Pontoon Boat Seat Covers

Looking for pontoon boat seat covers? Well in this article I will highlight some of the more popular options as well as provide links where you can purchase the right covers to fit your pontoon. Sun, rain, wind, snow and ice can all damage your boat seats, decreasing the value of your boat and ruining it’s appearance.

Different types of pontoons have different types of seats so we’ll highlight some covers for each.

Captain Chairs
If you’re pontoon has captain seats you’ll want covers designed to fit them. This White Vinyl Pontoon Boat Captain Seat Cover is designed to fit captain’s chairs perfectly and will protect them from the elements. It is water repellent and has a sewn-in shock cord to be sure the cover stays in place on the seat.

Bucket Chairs
For bucket chairs, you need something like the Hurricane Bucket Boat Seat Cover. IT’s made of marine canvas for great weather resistance and folds easily for storage. It also has a drawstring cord in the bottom hem to allow you to cinch it tight on the chair.

Back-to-Back Seat
If your pontoon has back-to-back style seats then something like this Back-to-Back Style Seat Cover is perfect. It provides and easy fit to cover these style seats and has elastic to hold the cover in place and air vents to let moisture escape.

Pedestal Seat
If you have pedestal seats, the Hurricane Folding Pedestal Boat Seat Cover works great and folds up easily for storage.

Lounge Seat
For the larger lounge seats on the pontoon, the White Vinyl Pontoon Lounge Boat Seat Cover is ideal. It’s water-repellent and durable and again has a sewn-in shock cord to keep the cover in place.

Any of the covers discussed above will provide great protection for your pontoon boat seats and keep them looking like new. They’re great for protecting your boat during the off-season or when you’re not using it and keeping the seats looking like new. You spent a lot of money for your pontoon so invest in some quality pontoon boat seat covers to keep it looking new like the day you bought it.