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Pool fencing Sydney: Types, Installation and Proper Maintenance

Just as the name implies, a pool fence is a fence that is specifically made for the purpose of securing a swimming pool and the surrounding areas. Therefore, the pool fence helps to prevent pets or children from straying or getting closer to the pool area. This thereby minimizes any chances of accidental drowning. Aside from addressing such safety concerns, pool fences are also used to enhance the aesthetics or the looks of the pool premises.

If you reside in Sydney and you have a pool, you need to think about getting the services for pool fencing in Sydney today. However, before you can even think about installing a pool around your swimming pool, you need to learn some bit about the laws of the land. Australia has laws about pool fences, how they can be installed and what types ought to be installed. For instance, as per the pool fence laws in Australia, all fencing has to comply with AS1926.1.1926 or 2007 standards.

It is vital to make sure you know about these laws so that you don’t find yourself on the left side of the law. Again, different pool types and sizes require different types of pools to be installed. Before you can proceed to carry out the installation, it might be a good idea to do some research locally to know what processes other pool owners in your area followed. This helps to make sure you are able to make an informed decision in the end.

Types of Pool Fencing

There are various types of pool fences in the market today. These variants are known by the materials, which are used in their manufacture. Some of the most common types of pool fences are:

PVC/Vinyl Fencing- This type of fencing material is ranked among the most expensive types of pool fencing. The good thing about it is that it is more durable than others, and thus it can serve you for a longer period.

Removable mesh- These types of fencing materials are not permanent installations. They can, therefore, be removed and then re-installed at a different place of the pool if any need arises.

Tubular steel- Tubular steel fences are installed in instances where the pool fence ought to be strong and very durable. With tubular steel, it is impossible for children to find their way into the pool without permission.

Fibreglass- This pool fencing material ideally combines strength with transparency of glass. Most Australians use it for purposes of preserving the premier look of the swimming pools in their luxury homes.

Aluminum tube- As for the case of aluminum, it offers the strength of steel but is much easier to maintain over a long period.

Glass- Glass pool fences are mainly seen in the pools of luxury homes. These are areas where the pristine view of the pool and its premises need to be highlighted.

Other materials to use in this line are wood and brushwood fencing


Pool fencing in Sydney, apart from the removable mesh fence is generally fixed installations. In most cases, they are not hard to install by oneself. An extra pair of hands might however help to make the job easier. This means that you can seek the help of experts such as those at Jumbuck Pool & Home Fencing. These are experts who understand the ins and outs of pool fences.


Pool fences don’t need high maintenance in most cases. At times, you only need to clean them once in a while to keep them in good condition.

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