Pool Side Makeup Tips

So you are going to be spending your day pool side and think that you are going to have to go without makeup? Not a chance. Just because it is hot and you might get a little wet. It does not mean that you can not enhance your looks with some beauty products. With these must know makeup tips, you are going to be able to look great no matter what activity that you are planning to do.

Keep It Light

Everyone knows to go lighter with clothing in hot weather and when they are relaxing pool side. The same holds true with makeup. You want to choose products that will allow your skin to breathe.

A great product that does this is mineral makeup. The light layer of powder will allow air to get to your skin to help you to stay cool. Another great reason to use this is that it is all natural. This means that it will not irritate sensitive skin.

Ready for Water

When you are hanging out pool side, you are going to get wet. It does not matter what your intentions are. Water is going to find its way to you. You need to be prepared and this makeup tip will take care of that.

The first thing that you need is s good waterproof mascara. You are going to want to get a good brand as some will dry out your lashes and cause damage. The right formulas will stay put it you are splashed and can only be removed with eye makeup remover.

The next cosmetic that you are going to want to invest in is all day lipstick. This is one of the few ways to keep color on your lips if you are splashed with water. Cover Girl makes a great one that will last while you are at a pool.

With these great summer makeup tips, you are going to look like you are ready to film a movie as you are out by the pool. So pick up some of these beauty items so that you are ready for the hot weather.