Pools of Warm Butter

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Pools of Warm Butter, Seekyt

Melted Butter

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Little pools of melted butter, golden wet and warm

Peaks of smooth hot fluffy whites, in dishes small and round

Dipped and scooped, in curving mounds, gravies dark and brown

Steaming wheat rolls tanned and bright, sat lovely just beside

On sheets of stainless silver leaves in rows of tens or fives

One quarter spent bought one of each and made my lunchtime bright

So often times was all to eat, as moneys seemed to fly

Yet, no care had I nor worry spent nor time to ask some why

When for ten cents more, came oatmeal sheets or plates of apple pie

© 2011, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilkes

COPYRIGHT 1977 – 2011

Author -Tim Wilkinson/AKA tlmntim9

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Pools of Warm Butter, Seekyt
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