Pop Up Displays The Advantages Of Using Them At Exhibitions

This article is an introduction to the benefits of using pop up displays?if your company is exhibiting at a trade show. Whatever the size of your exhibition space, pop up display stands will create an eye catching seamless graphic display to suit your needs.

If budgets are tight, the pop up display stand graphics can be replaced so you get a whole new display for a tiny fraction of the cost of a new stand. If your company is thinking of buying an exhibition stand, these are not only strong and light to transport, but they are also inexpensive.

There are many benefits with pop up displays, they are very flexible, allowing many configurations and can easily be assembled by one member of staff.

A frame can be utilised many times by purchasing new sets of graphic panels to give the stand a fresh new look. By using a pop up display stand, you will have a much longer lasting display than using several banner stands.

You will find that a pop up exhibition stand offers you the flexibility to use it in any stand space, whether this is a central or a corner position.

A great bonus is that one person can assemble the stand without the need for any special tools. You can easily extend and customise your basic stand with addition panels, accessories, lighting and so on. By adding roller banner stands or X banner stands, you will be able to make a special trade show offer to your visitors at very low cost.

The fact that one person can transport the entire stand in their car and set up the exhibition single handed is a huge advantage for small companies.

Another huge advantage is the ease with which the entire pop up display stand can be taken down at the end of a show. It is a huge relief when stand staff are tired at the end of a show to find how easily and quickly the entire stand can be packed away.