Popular Banners: Austin, Texas

There are many expressions that can be identified on a banner. Austin, Texas has famous slogan to identify its uniqueness, “Keep Austin Weird”. This was a small business campaign movement that started as a way to keep major retailers out and small businesses in the shopping malls. This campaign went so well that the residents of Austin took to the slogan and now boast that Austin is weird and they want to keep it that way. You can find banners, signs, even postcards with this famous slogan.

Austin is well known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” due to its having more live music venues within the city than Nashville, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles. You can see banners, Austin style, everywhere especially when it comes to concerts, fairs, and other open air events. Free concerts draw crowds from all over the world to such as places as The Plaza during the spring and fall, and recreational parks offering summer concerts that highlight musical performances.

Music festivals

Music festivals bring people together in the name of music. Artists come to show what they have created. Fans are drawn to the variety of talent that the music festival presents. They also are a great opportunity for marketers and vendors to sell their products which are found everywhere at a festival and can be located by their particular banner. Austin offers three main festivals – South by Southwest, Austin City Limits, and Old Settler’s Days. These festivals are the core of Austin’s tradition in live music.

Conventions and shows

The convention center is another place where you can see a variety of banners. Austin has the facilities for sports events, conventions, garden shows, car shows, and political gatherings. The Convention Center contains the largest ballroom in Texas and hosts the South by Southwest music festival. Here the vendors and marketers have a prime audience when it comes to the music industry. During the day it is an entrainment conference, then at night a music festival with many different venues of entertainment. Banners of all shapes, sizes, and colors drape the convention halls of this massive center.

Local Businesses

Austin is known for its eclectic culture, entertainment, large corporations, and many, many local businesses. Once again you will find various colored banners. Austin’s local business culture can be from eccentric, to refined, to outright weird. Take Sixth Street for example, with its mix of nightclubs, restaurants, and live music streaming through the area or the Warehouse District and its concert halls, clubs and restaurants, all of which cater to the tourism trade.

No matter where you go in Austin, Texas you will find the uniqueness and character of this exciting city. The people of Austin embrace their diverse lifestyles and show it in everything they do. You will find this diversity in their music, in their décor, in their businesses; everything speaks to their famous slogan “Keep Austin Weird”. Keep flying those banners Austin; you have much to be proud of.