Popular Love Songs of the 90s

When it comes to love songs, we normally take them with a grain of salt. However, you have to keep in mind that there are a few songs that are a little bit older—but still completely and utterly awesome. Included are some of the love songs from the nineties! But what love songs are worth dragging out again, especially after so long? Well, what you may not realize is that some of these songs are still going strong! So, what are a few popular love songs of the 90s? And how can you get them? Well, your best bet is your good old friend the legal download. It’s just plain stupid to get in trouble when you could pay just a dollar or two for good, quality music!

Aerosmith, “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

This is a sweet song that you can find when you download free music or musica online descargar (download music online in Spanish) simply because it’s stayed popular. If you were born during the nineties or any earlier, then there is absolutely no way that you can’t have heard of this soft, yet awesome song. A great comfort when you’re missing someone who’s far away.

Tim McGraw, “Don’t Take the Girl”

This song is about the sacrificial part of love and how hard it can be when you’re in a situation that you can’t possibly change—especially when the situation could easily be life, or death. A very sweet song that starts out very simply and slowly turns into an awesome love song and a true vision of the commitment of a dedicated and loving husband! Not to mention that you can also apply this to other forms of sacrificial love! Most of all, it’s just an adorable song!

Guns’n’Roses, “November Rain”

This is very much a love song…but it’s also best not played during a breakup either. This song is about when you finally have to split and what that feels like. You wouldn’t have expected it from a hair band, but the fact of the matter is…well, it kind of hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately, this quickly turns into a hated song the minute that you hear it whilst during a breakup. It’s nothing personal to the song—it just captures feelings a tiny bit too well! So, rethink this one if you plan on listening to it after a breakup!

Janet Jackson, “Again”

When you download music online or descarga musica gratuita in Spathis song may pop up. It’s another sweet song—and it’s all about what happens when you see that someone you’ve been missing for such a long time, even if you’re supposed to be over them. It happens to everyone at least one time, but, regardless, this is the perfect song to make you feel better after it happens and you have that weird “What would I say or have said anyways?” feeling.

These are just a few popular 90’s lovesongs…what are your favorites?