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Popular Massage Types and their Benefits

Today’s hectic and busy life affects human beings in various negative ways. For instance, it can cause a number of physical and mental disorders. To enjoy life in the best possible way, you need to get relief so as to get renewed energy to face day to day challenges. Massage can serve this purpose well as they offer great comfort and relaxation helping you to regain energy, unwind and get time to spend by yourself. It can be delivered through different techniques and styles allowing you to choose the one that will work out well for you. Below are the most popular massage types and their benefits.

1. Deep tissue massage

This is a type of massage that is targeted at muscles which are affected by posture problems, chronic pain or have been strained. The therapists normally target the muscles deep layers as well as connective tissues by using intense pressure and short strokes. You may feel sore after the massage but you can be assured that the benefits are worth it as it helps to relieve pain and make certain the affected muscles function the way they are supposed to.

2. Swedish massage

This uses 5 styles of flowing and long strokes. These are gliding/sliding, rhythmic tapping, kneading, shaking/vibration and cross fiber. It has a wide array of benefits as it has been known to relieve joint stiffness, reduce pain, enhance circulation and improve the function of the knees of people suffering from osteoarthritis.

3. Hot stone massage

This technique involves the use of hot stones that have been heated to more than 100 degrees. These are laid on a person’s back and shoulder muscles. There are times when the therapist may apply light pressure on these stones in a bid to boost their effect. This helps to promote relaxation and also increase circulation.

4. Tantric massage

This is a kind of massage that has gained immense popularity over the years. It is a type of spiritual massage that is especially loved by couples who want to strengthen the bond between them both physically and emotionally. There are very many benefits to its name and some of them are relaxing the body, improving breathing, emotional healing, fights stress, curbs impulses and leads to better health/longevity of life among many others.

5. Reflexology

This is a type of massage that originated in China. It can be described as a foot massage that involves the application of pressure to various points on the feet that therapists believe are associated with some specific organs of the human body. According to the theory, when these points are stimulated, it can promote better overall health. This is used to relieve foot pain and it can also be a very pleasurable and relaxing experience.

6. Shiatsu

This is a Japanese specialty that involves the use of palms, thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to acupressure/acupuncture points incorporating stretching to relieve pain and stress. It also uses methods like vibrating, rolling, brushing and grasping. It is more intense than the traditional Swedish massage but it is known to be pretty relaxing without getting the soreness that comes with deep tissue massage.

Image sources: Flickr & Flickr

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