Popular Role Playing Games (Hot RPG)

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There are many different types of Role-playing games, also known as RPG’s. Some you control only one character and take him or her through a world of hazards to grow stronger and conquer. Others you control an entire team of people, still others you control a character and use monsters or pets to fight for you.

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The highest selling RPG in the world belongs to the Pokemon series selling over two hundred million units as of last year. In this RPG you control a young man or woman who has a desire to capture one of every variety of pokemon in the world they occupy. On the way they will use the pokemon (Japanese for ‘Pocket monsters’) to fight for them, they fight gym leaders to collect their badges and, in turn, make them and the pokemon stronger and more experienced. There have been countless sequels and spin offs including, Pinball and the Trading card game which uses actual cards and puts yourself in the shoes of the pokemon trainer. This series is aimed at younger children and teenagers. However pokemon will always have a place in the hearts of 20 something’s everywhere.

The next best selling, but arguably more popular, series is Final Fantasy made by Square Enix. The series is most known for the RPG’s, however there are movies and animated cartoons with the same name and similar stories. Most of the games are independent stories with many differing settings and ever changing main characters. But there are recurring characters and plot themes most involve defeating an evil boss while dealing with an evil inside themselves. This franchise is aimed more towards an older group of people. Adults even love this game.

The next most popular RPG is actually a “Massively multiplayer online role playing game” or MMORPG, Shortened further to MMO’s. This mouthful of a genre is being held down by World of warcraft, known by players as WoW. You must pay a subscription every month to play this game, as it is constantly growing and never ends, in theory. There are over 11 million people playing this game and you can connect with any of these people from all across the world. It is a new phenomenon to the gaming community, people are making a living off playing this game and no other income needed. You create a character from scratch and give him unique traits such as hair styles and skin color. You then level the character up to a current level cap of 85. There are huge dungeons to explore and many, many enemies you will have to face as you grow stronger. This game is aimed at all ages. Young children love the colorful design and funny looking characters. Older folks love the complexity and strategy of the game as a whole.

These games are the top selling and top in everyone’s mind when they think of popular role playing games.

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