Portugal Named the Worst Country for Summer Flight Delays!

Are you planning a vacation? Do you have a stopover at Portugal, or is it one of the countries you plan to visit on your vacation? If so, ensure that you have enough time, at least a day or two in hand before your next flight, because the country just received the top honours in a survey to find the country with the most delayed flights. If you have already been a victim of flight delays in the country, read on to find out how you can claim compensation for flight delays in Europe.

How bad does Portugal fare in flight delays?

Flightright conducted a worldwide survey to find out which countries and airports fared the best and the worst in terms of flight delays. According to the survey, Portugal fared the worst, with a staggering 51 percent of flights from the country’s airport delayed. That is more than half of all the flights that go across and out of the country. France, Spain turkey and Egypt made up the next four to become the top 5 countries with the worst delays in flights.

Most flights delays at airports all over Portugal

Within the country, Porto and Lisbon fared the worst in terms of flight delays. 61 percent of all the flights out of the Lisbon airport were delayed, and 62 percent of all the flights out of Porto faced the same plight.

If you are travelling to or via Portugal and have a flight out of one of these two airports, ensure that you have enough buffer time before your next flight or engagement, so that you will not have to worry whether you will make it in time or not.

Claiming flight delay compensation at Portugal

However, you may be one of the unlucky few who flew via Portugal or visited Portugal and were flying out of the country. If you have to face flight delays and had to wait for long hours at the airport, or had to miss a connecting flight or an important engagement because of the delay, there is some hope. You can claim compensation if the delay was because of the airlines. You cannot, however, claim a flight delay refund.

Here is a quick guide to the amount of compensation you can claim and the conditions that apply:

  • If the flight distance was up to 1,500km and you had to wait for over 3 hours, you can claim a maximum of €250.
  • If the flight distance was between 1,500km to 3,500 km, and you have to wait for over 3 hours, the maximum claim amount can go up to €400.
  • If your flight distance was more than 3,500km, and you had to wait for 3-4 hours, the maximum compensation you can claim is €300.
  • If your flight was delayed for more than 4 hours, you can claim compensation of up to €600.

You have to claim for delayed flight compensation from the airlines that you were flying with. if the delay was because of natural causes or due to unforeseen circumstances, then the airline has a right to reject your claim. If not, you will be duly compensated.