Carpe Diem, as the proverb goes. Always enjoy the moment. Do not worry about your past or future. Live for the day. What has happened is irreversible and what will happen is unknown, so try and enjoy what you have. Like someone has rightly said:

“The past is history, the future is mystery.
Today is a Gift, That is why we call it the Present”

Life is too short to keep on hanging to the grudges and failures of the past. People often complain that life is not FAIR. But common it cannot be sunshine all the time. But just keeping track of the entire let down moments of life is not good. It gives nothing but the feeling of ugliness of life! And even you will admit life is not ugly. Being an optimistic does not mean that one should just ignore the not so great aspects of the life but it necessarily means to develop the habit of counting the blessings and more positive and good things of life. It makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you see that things are not as bad as they seem to be in an overall situation.

As many people will say looking for the positive things amongst the negative things is easier said than done. But with the practice of fostering the optimistic attitude it will be done. With a positive attitude towards life one sees the ways to surmount the problems and whereas with the negative attitude one keeps on complaining how life is not fair! An optimistic keeps the faith and tries to find ways to come up with solutions. He sees the scenario with the vision to be happy in this journey of life. On the other hand a pessimistic sits and cry foul. Decide what you want to become!

Leading a happy life is about making the choice, either to have a positive or a negative perception towards life and things. It totally depends on us as to how we lead our life. The choice lies with us either to make change with positivity or to drown in self pity. Take control of your thought process and avoid looking for negative in each and every situation. Life is very challenging so becoming more resilient is important. Always believe in yourself and take every set back as a step towards a much better life and situation. See failures as an opportunity to improve and do things in a better way than they were done earlier.

It is not easy to change overnight and become an optimistic but even Rome was not built in a day. Give it a try and remember with a positive attitude you can go places and do wonders in life.

Remember I CAN DO IT and then surely you can !!!