Postcards: Tips on How To Protect Your Family Photos

Family photos are important memories that we’ve shared with our loved ones. Keeping these pictures allows us to revisit the past and look at happy and warm memories that we’ve shared with them throughout the time that we were together. Family photos somehow act like shortcuts that allow us access to our memory and trigger our feelings about that photo, or the event where it was taken.

Family photos can range from a baby picture to a wedding celebration. Regardless of the occasion, we hold these pictures as important parts of our lives. That’s why we try our best to keep them as safe as possible. We buy picture frames and albums to store these photograph, so that when we need a little push in life we’ll have something look at and cherish.

So to help you preserve these memories and keep them fresh and crisp when we show them to our grandchildren, here are some tips on how to preserve your family photos:

Store them properly

Avoid storing them in basements or attics. These places are full of insects and rodents; they will chew away your photographs. Also avoid placing your photos on wooden frames. The wood from these frames may produce high-acid wood pulp, and the glue holding it together may degrade in time and cause damage to your photos.

Keep your negatives

if you’re lucky enough to still have those film negatives of your family photos, make sure to keep them safely and away from your actual photos. Chances are you’ll be showing your photos more often than you expect, and if you store your film and photos together your negatives can be exposed to direct light, or any external element that could render them useless.

Create a digital copy

Being in the digital age, we have the advantage of storing a thousand photographs in just one computer. Aside from storing these in your computer, you may as well take advantage of different websites that allow you to upload your photos. This may take some time, but at least your photos are digitally safe.

Reprint your photos

You can always have that option to reprint your photos. There are a lot of photo studios that offer services like restoring damage photos and reprinting them into high quality images. Other than reprinting them on photo studios, you can print your photos and use them as postcards and send them your family members. They’ll appreciate it and it’s one way of keeping you connected with your family.

There you go, so start looking for those pictures and keeps them safe by following these simple pointers.