Potipot Island Resorts

Where Are the Potipot Island Resorts Located?
Potipot beach is located off the shores of the town of Candelaria in Zambales Province, Philippines. Surrounded by calm and gentle waters, the island is a small patch of land known for its white sand beaches. It’s the island nearest to mainland Zambales. Potipot means “small white island”. It’s a great and ideal spot for picnics, swimming and camping trips. It’s a rather tiny island. Touring the whole stretch of the island can take thirty minutes to an hour.

How To Get To Potipot Island
To get to the island, you need to rent a boat from any of the Potipot Island resorts located in the mainland. The boat ride from the mainland to the island can take around five to fifteen minutes. Boat rates are just a few hundred Philippine pesos.

To reach the island (if you are coming from the city of Manila), you will have to go through a five-hour drive from Manila to Zambales. The most common form of transportation to the place is via public bus. The Victory Liner bus company offer trips that pass through Uacon in Candelaria where the island is located. You can simply ask the bus conductor to drop you off at the Dawal Beach Resort. Potipot Island is very near Dawal so it will be unlikely for you to get lost if you are dropped off at the place. To inquire about bus trips and time of departures, you will have to contact or call any of the Victory Liner terminals in Manila. For more information, you can just visit the bus company’s website.

If you are going to drive up to the place, make sure you have a companion who knows how to get there as it can be easy for you to get lost in the road. Here are a few tips if you are driving up there:
• Take the North Luzon Expressway
• Drive to olongapo City
• Go to the town of Castillejos then turn right at the San Narciso junction. You should pass by towns like Cabangan, Masinloc, San Felipe and Iba.
• From Masinloc, drive to Candelaria then look for any of the Potipot Island Resorts located there.

What You Will See In The Island

• An array of lush trees like coconuts, mangoes, talisays and camachiles.
• Sea creatures such as starfishes and hermit crabs.
• Coral shells.
• Spectacular sunsets if you if you’re planning to stay in the island till nighttime.
• Calm and clear waters around the island.
• Lush vegetation.

List Of Potipot Island Resorts:
Sun Bloom Resort
Dawal Beach Resort
Isla Vista Resort

The best times of the year to visit Potipot Island will be during the months of February, March up until early June. It can become very hot in the island so make sure that you bring with you lots of clean drinking water, blankets, caps, hats, sun block, sunglasses, sarong and enough food most especially if you plan of spending the day there.