Power of cPanel VPS Hosting

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A Virtual Private Server offers all the benefits of a dedicated server such as a flexible customization, scalability, etc. along with cost-effectiveness of shared hosting. Industry leading Control panel cPanel offers value addition to your VPS hosting by offering automated back-ups, institutive DNS management, and easy installation of other software such as Perl modules, PEAR packages, and also Ruby on Rails directly. Thus, cPanel VPS hosting helps in efficient management of the server with easy access to settings, security updates, logs, and speeding up the development times across the sites.

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The many advantages of Virtual Private Server along with cPanel as control panel lure many webmasters to choose it as their most preferred hosting combination. This powerful combination offers webmasters profitable return on their investments. While VPS helps WebPages load faster, the cPanel gives them an attractive look and an easy navigation. Thus, the combination offer hosting capabilities to anyone no matter their technical expertise, or financial capabilities.

The perfect design of cPanel enables webmasters to easily manage all the functions required for creating and managing a website. They no longer need to use command line interface which is a complicated one, also, no need to use FTP programs, or other protocols. Without a cPanel, webmasters will have to use all these time-consuming and difficult tasks. The cPanel adds all this functionality to perform these tasks easily, while offering a very intuitive and a graphical user interface that helps easy and friendly navigation.

One of the powerful features of cPanel is the analytics that it offers. It provides the webmasters with some very crucial statistics that help manage, track the performance of the website. To leverage the complete advantages of cPanel it is essential that you balance it with an equally beneficial and powerful hosting system such as VPS.

Thus, the powerful combination of cPanel VPS hosting offers Privacy, security- prevents unauthorized access and entry by hackers and third-parties using robust firewalls- control, versatility, and scalability. The content stored, submitted is very secure and not accessed by other users, guaranteeing the security and of data, increasing the reliability of this hosting combination. Well, you don’t have to be an expert to install, use, or customize this powerful combination; anyone with basic knowledge can easily install them.

cPanel VPS hosting is considered the most flexible hosting combination as it runs on any Operating System such as Unix, Linux, and is compatible with any software or hardware. Modifying the server configuration, customizing also is very easy with cpanel VPS hosting. No wonder cPanel VPS hosting is the most preferred hosting combination available in the reseller hosting market today.

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