PowerBlock Review – Fast Easy Dumbbells

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If you are ready to take your dumbbell workout up a notch and de-clutter your home gym at the same time, this review about the PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set is for you.

Why Dumbbells?

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There is a good reason that dumbbells are a great workout tool. For one, they are versatile and allow you to do literally dozens of different exercises to target muscles over your entire body. There is no other weight training equipment in this compact size that can do more.

Dumbbells work your arms independently, meaning your strength will be well balanced. There is also no barbell to drop on yourself when performing lifts like presses.

Finally, dumbbells don’t take up much space. That means you don’t need to clear out a bedroom to make room for them. They are also easy to move to another room if you need to.

Why PowerBlock?

Unlike typical dumbbells, the PowerBlock takes up even less space, since you will never have a bunch of unused weight plates sitting around. As you work out, the unused weights fit neatly together on the floor as you get just the weight you need in your hands for your workout. The PowerBlock dumbbells are a series of thin weighted plates that fit smartly together, with each weighing 5 pounds. That means in each hand you can adjust the weight from 5 to 45 pounds, replacing a whole rack of individual dumbbells.

PowerBlock dumbbells are the ultimate in adjustability. With a quick release mechanism to change the weight in 5 pound increments, you will be able to make the weight change and continue your workout quickly, maintaining your intensity. This is a huge advantage when you want to keep your heart rate up. There are no pieces to lose either, since the locking mechanism is always attached with a bungee cord.

The PowerBlock handles are padded for comfort, and you will appreciate that when you do curl movements. Unlike some metal handles on ordinary dumbbells, these padded handles allow you to lift more and workout longer without hand fatigue. You will also learn to like the block shape of PowerBlock, as you can grip a single dumbbell with two hands, adding variety to your workout options.

Future Upgrades

PowerBlock dumbbells have available upgrades if you need them down the road. For one, there are additional core handles that you can get to increase the weight to achieve a heavier total weight per hand.

A custom stand exists to make changing the weight even easier since the dumbbells sit on the stand at waist height instead of on the floor. This is totally optional but it is a great upgrade.

Finally, there are light magnetic 2.5 pound our 1.25 pound weights that you can get to fine tune the weight for specific exercises. That means you can workout with 7.5 pounds per arm if needed.

Get Started With PowerBlock

It’s time to clean up your home gym and get rid of all those spare weight plates on the floor. Step up to the PowerBlock – the fast easy dumbbells.

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