Powerful Crystals For Protection, Health, Wealth, Love, Healing and Feng Shui Cures

The word ‘crystal’ comes from the word of ancient Greek ‘krystallos’ which means frozen light. For centuries, crystals have been used for a myriad of purposes – from decoration to protection to healing. In feng shui, they are used for the specific energy or the vibrations these stones bring to your environment.

Crystals are an ancient way of energising the earth element. In order to use crystals effectively, you have to keep them very clean. This will prevent the crystals from the external negative vibrations. Many have found that the presence of crystals in the home can change the whole energy of your house – couples may become more loving, children will study harder, etc.

Placing a crystal in the corner of your room encourages the universal life force to flow through the room freely. Your health, wealth and even thoughts can be badly affected when this energy does not flow freely in a room. This is also true in a business or home office. Displaying six smooth crystal balls (some prefer eight) in the center of the living room will smoothen this energy, ensuring purification and everything goes smoothly in your life.

quartz for health benefitsQuartz crystals have been used for healing since ages. Being considered as the sacred symbols of light, quartz crystals are used to keep away negativity. They are used for inspiring intuitive insight, smoothing the energy flows of spirit and body as well as for transforming the spirit. To help create an electromagnetic-free zone, quartz or fluorite cluster can be placed by the television set or your computer. If the crystal has a pointed end, place the point away from you or your own home to avoid poison arrow.

Rose quartz is widely used to attract love and romance, they also can be used to heal a broken heart. It emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing. Display two hearts made of rose quartz in the southwest area of your bedroom or home to promote happy energy in a love relationship. Other methods recommended for this purpose is placing a full bowl of rose quartz in your bedroom or bathroom.

how to use rose quartz for healing

Black tourmaline and hematite are sought for their strong protective energies. Black tourmaline protects against radiation, smog, psychic attacks and spells of ill wishes. If your child tends to get overexcited very easily or has trouble concentrating/focusing, several pieces of hematite could help with their grounding quality of energy. Place them in the west area (children’s area) of your home or in your child’s room. Another suitable place to place these crystals is by the front door (either outside or inside) but in a visually pleasing way so that you can benefit from their protective qualities.

Ammonite is associated with Qilin, the Chinese unicorn, this is because its patterns and colors are the same as the scales of Qilin. The crystal is said to have the frequencies that affect the most powerful muscle of your body – the brain, therefore wisdom is the common benefit from using this crystal. The 7 rainbow colors of the stone also signify the seven chakras of human body. This is why the stone is believed to bring wisdom, riches and illustrious sons.

Agates help to replenish fatigue, improve blood circulation and increase energy. Red agate is worn by ladies in order to improve their marital fidelity and chances of pregnancy. For men, the stones are used to increase sexual desires and to cure impotence.

jade for healingJade is also a favorite stone used for healing and feng shui. Jade stones are very popular, particularly in Chinese culture. They are known to be the stone of longevity, health, justice, wisdom, emotional balance, peace and harmony. Jades are used in positive directions for longevity and a good life. Place them in the center area for creating balance and harmony, or in the NE area for wisdom. You can also place them in SW area for love and relationship (make sure to use only two stones together and never one and three in this area). When the stone breaks into pieces, it gives you warning that something bad is about to happen.

Citrine is used to heal self-esteem issues. Many businessmen would also keep citrine clusters in order to improve their income. Citrine crystals attract wealth and joy. They encourage a bright outlook and happiness. On health side, they are said to improve stress-related digestive problems.

Green aventurine brings education luck. It is a good energizer to nurture self-potential in studies. It also promotes inner growth, self-initiatives and personal development. Best for those sitting for examinations. It can also be used to enhance your feng shui study room so that your children would concentrate more on their study.

Another great crystal known for its spiritual issues is amethyst. Amethyst crystals carry a high vibration that offers purification and spiritual protection. Acting as a barrier against lower vibrational frequencies, these crystals are known to clear one’s environment of all type of harmful negative energies, and also an excellent aid for all those on a spiritual journey. Quartz and amethyst can be used to enhance your feng shui garden as they are terrific chi activators.