Practical Advice for Self-Catering Your Wedding

Some families love to cook their own meals and enjoy the food they make. Some families, on the other hand, even go further and share the food they prepare and present them to guests and friends. In either case, this shows the ability for the family to have self-catering for a wedding. If this sounds familiar and close to home, why not actually do it for yours? It’s not odd and should not be terrifying to provide your own catering services for your big event. In this article, we will give practical advice to a worry-free and perfect self-catering.

1. Plan Ahead

Know how many guests are going to be invited in the wedding reception. Know how much of the percentage in the guests are kids and those who have special diets (e.g. vegetarians, fruitarians, etc.). All these will help you have a quick estimate on how much food and what kind of food you have to make to satisfy them. Also, determine and decide if your wedding reception would be at the hour of lunch or dinner. This makes a difference in terms of what kind of meal you will serve.

2. Follow a Theme

Perhaps it would be easier for you to follow a theme for the self-catering. Some catering services ask clients about their preference. Is your preferred cuisine be Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican or American—or a mixed type of gastronomic feast? The type of food can make up for the theme and when followed in a consistent manner, you can keep things simpler. First, look up on recipes on cook books or websites. There is a lot of references that are available now. Second, make a taste test and ask your family members or close friends for comments. Keep on improving until you get a great set of food for the wedding.

3. Ask for Help

Let’s face it. You cannot make the food all on your own. You are the one getting married and the host of the occasion, so it will be extra hard to be doing things in the kitchen and the reception hall at the same time. Tasks for self-catering are aplenty and it would be close to impossible not to get help. Luckily, there are always your best friends and relatives to offer some help not only in terms of assistance but also in lending you things such as plates, bowls and utensils for the party. Just ask for it! For sure, they will not turn you down.

4. Consider the Budget

Some wedding couples go for a simple wedding because they are tight on budget. This is being realistic and practical especially in times of financial troubles. Still, the wedding should prevail as love does. It will be best to prepare a spreadsheet and keep track of expenses. Usually, hiring a caterer involves one-time and big-time payment. But this is not the same as in the case of self-catering. The secret is to consider a budget and stick to it. Don’t worry if your budget plan would not work for even food complete for lunch or dinner. You can opt for an afternoon tea type of reception and entertain guests anyway. Dress up the tables fancily with clean sheets of tablecloths and arrange the venue beautifully. You can also compensate the low-budget catering with a really touching speech and a lovely wedding toast. If all else fail, think about reducing your guest list and declare that it would be an intimate wedding celebration instead to reduce the costs.


Planning and preparing for a wedding include so many things. One of the main highlights, aside from exchanging vows in the ceremony, would be the reception and the party thereafter. Self-catering to please and wow your guest may be a good option if you trying to be more frugal or are intending to show off your skills in this area. You never know, you might become a pro at this one day and get invited and asked for a quotation by friends who are getting married for catering services. If throwing celebrations and cooking for large groups is something you enjoy doing, the answer might just be YES!