Practical Uses of Baking Soda

There are plenty of ways to use baking soda. But most of us only use this compound when we…bake! Or when our kids have a Science project, we turn to baking soda and mix it with vinegar to create a volcano. But did you know that aside from those, you can use this compound to make your home clean? Or to make your teeth whiter? I’d like to share what I use baking soda for.

1. As an effective cleaning agent

I learned this when I was watching “How Clean is Your Home?” It beats chlorine, bleach, or other expensive cleaning agents when it comes to making tiles stain-free. Here’s how to start. First, put enough white vinegar into a sprayer. Then, make sure that the surface you’re targeting is dry. Sprinkle some baking soda into the area, and then spray enough vinegar. The reaction produced when you mix vinegar and baking soda together will remove stain.

2. As a natural remedy against UTI

I had UTI and a baking soda solution helped me get rid of it. So if you’re suffering from this disease and want a natural remedy to cure it, mix a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water. Mix it and drink it. The solution doesn’t taste good but it’s very effective. Try other natural ways to cure UTI here.

3. As a natural way to whiten teeth

Mix enough baking soda with lemon juice to make a paste. Then, just like with an ordinary toothpaste, brush your teeth with it. The acid produced is enough to remove stain from your teeth. But don’t do this everyday. Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging your enamel. Two times a week is okay. Read more about whitening your teeth using baking soda here.

4. As an odor absorber

I used to put charcoal in my fridge because my grandmother said it gets rid of bad odor effectively. It works, but the problem with this is that charcoal is messy and can be an ugly sight inside the fridge. I found that baking soda can also do the trick.

Get your baking soda, and keep your home clean, teeth white, and fridge odor-less!