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Pre Built Hunting Cabins Composting Toilets

Composting toilets for prebuilt hunting cabins are an earth friendly way to get an indoor toilet for a cabin, boat or RV. Composting toilets start at around 300 – 400 dollars and can cost upwards of 5,000 dollars. People that use composting toilets are very happy about not having to go outside to use an outhouse in the middle of night. When maintained properly, composting toilets are natural, odorless, sanitation systems.

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Water Savers

They use little or no water to collect and break down human waste. Then the waste can be safely returned to the soil as compost. They come as self-contained or remote systems so you don’t need a septic system in most cases. Self-contained units are as the name implies, self contained. But remote composting toilets use piping to drain waste to remote receptacles, called reactors where waste is broken down. Composting toilets are perfect for cottages, homes, workshops, and pre built hunting cabins, just to name a few places.

Note: You can find a full line of Sun-Mar Composting Toilets, Reactors, and accessories on Sears.

Eco-Friendly Sanitation

Most composting toilets are complete and efficient sanitation systems. They require little maintenance, which can be done quickly and neatly. Some systems can go through an entire season without needing to be cleaned out. Systems come in waterless to low water models. This makes them ideal for pre built hunting cabins and areas that have low water reserves and restrictions on water usage. Another great feature of these units is that they don’t require any electricity. These advanced toilet designs could bring significant change to the way people go camping. It also has major implications for people that live in remote areas.

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Space Savers

Composting toilets look like ordinary toilets and can fit into the same space as regular toilets. There are also compact, space saver units that fit into small spaces. That’s important in pre built hunting cabins or any place where space is limited. They also look good in a cabin or in a home in the suburbs.

Major Components

  • Composting reactor connected to a dry or micro flush toilet.

  • Screened air inlet and exhaust systems.

  • Way to drain/manage excess liquid.

  • Mechanisms to provide necessary ventilation to support the aerobic organisms in the reactor.

  • Heating systems to raise the temperature within the reactor if necessary.

  • Access to remove the end product periodically.


The resulting end-product of composting toilets should be a stable soil-like material called ‘humus,’ which legally must be either buried or removed by a licensed seepage hauler in accordance with state and local regulations in the United States.

Disadvantages of Composting Toilets

  • Maintenance requires commitment from owner/user.
  • Improperly installed or maintained systems may produce odors or an unprocessed end product that may possible health consequences.
  • Too much liquid in the reactor can disrupt the composting process if not drained or maintained properly.
  • Removal of end product may be unpleasant if unit is not functioning properly
  • Does not eliminate the need for a septic system in many cases to treat other waste
  • Some units require a power source for heat and/or ventilation
  • Aesthetics may be a concern since the waste in some units may be in sight of the user

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