Pre Built Log Cabin for Under 10,000 Dollars

Join The Cabin Revolution

Owning a pre-built log cabin is on the wishlist of many, but so are low-cost homes built from shipping containers. Plans for building a container home are readily available.


But So Are Log Cabins

What if you could have a pre-built log cabin on your property for only 10,000 dollars? If you’’ve got the property, your pre built log cabin dream house is ready to be delivered. Not the half-a-million dollar house you’’ve been dreaming about. This is your other dream house. Lots of homeowners are finding pre-built log cabins to be the perfect tiny home for their properties at the lake or in the country. You can’’t beat a deal like this under 10,000 dollars. Pre-built log cabins or tiny homes are a growing market because many are realizing the value of owning a pre-built log cabin.

What Would You Do At Your Pre Built Cabin?

Wouldn’’t you like spending your weekends at your own place in the country? Just think about how great it would be to get away from the rat race for a couple of days and just breathe? A tiny home at the lake gives you the freedom to pack a go-bag and head up to the mountains to the cabin. Then you spend a couple of days getting relaxed and refreshed. Some pre-built cabin owners also use their cabins as hunting cabins. That’s definitely an upgrade from a hunting trailer. How would you spend your weekends at your own place in the country?

The Tiny Log Cabin Eco Option

Pre-built log cabins are great eco-friendly options to traditional homes. Fewer materials are required to build them and their smaller footprint uses less land. Some owners are also using green technology like solar energy to power their pre-built hunting cabin. That reduces dependency on power companies and lowers power bills. Saving the environment and saving money are what some would call a win-win situation.

Let’s Face It This Is Cheap

Pre-built log cabin owners are getting their monies worth and more. First of all, 10,000 dollars is cheap. Then you throw in energy savings and the money they’re saving on upkeep and you can see how their savings are adding up. As you can see, the full value of pre-built log cabins can’’t be measured in dollars and sense. Cabin owners are also counting the quality of life experiences they’re having at their cabins.

Join the Pre Built Log Cabin Revolution

There’’s a pre-built log cabin revolution going on all over the United States. The economy, high traditional housing prices, low personnel income levels, and the chance to live a simpler life are several reasons buyers are choosing pre-built log cabins to use as weekend retreats, hunting cabins, and whatever they like. This could be you. Join the pre-built log cabin revolution for under 10,000 dollars and get your dream home now.