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Precious Christening Gifts

Family and friends gather during a christening to celebrate. These celebrations are often met with food and gifts. Gifts for such an occasion should be meaningful and wellthought out. Attendees of these events are often undecided on what type of gift to bestow upon the young recipient. This precious moment is just as much for the parents as for the child. The importance and grace of the event should be reflected in any gift offered.

What Might Be Expected

A Christening is an occasion that will be presented to the child over the years as a beautiful memory. There will be photographs and a guestbook to share as the child ages. Gifts should follow these expectations, and be something long-lasting. Personally engraved items, such as pewter baby cups and bracelets are excellent choices. Avoid modern toys and clothing. Treat this occasion as a long-lasting tradition, like a wedding. While you may not think your particular gift will stand out, it will be cherished by the family. Such gifts will be forever kept and passed down through generations.


Some Appropriate Suggestions

Gifts Direct offers beautiful options to help you decide on an item to bring to the special family. This elegant range of christening gifts from Gifts Direct includes pewter, ceramic, and crystal cups, which are all good choices, and can be personalised with the child’s name and the date of the occasion. Blankets and quilts can be personalised as well, with embroidery. Looking to Irish traditions can add a unique touch to the gift, as the baby’s name written in the text of an ancient language will be cherished forever. Personalised pictureframes and money banks also offer a long-lasting gift choice. If you have access to pictures of the child or things like handprints and footprints, add them to the picture frame. The key to Christening gifts is choosing something traditional and personal.

How Much Should You Spend?

There is no need to spend more than your budget allows. A gift can be small and affordable, as long as it is thoughtful and fits the occasion. Gift options vary in size and price. There are plenty of options to choose from within all price ranges. No matter what the size or expense of the gift, adding a personal and memorable element is the most important detail. Invitations to a Christening are an honour, and the most important thing is for you to be there. On some occasions, it may also be appropriate to join financially with another gift-giver to purchase a more expensive item.

When invited to a Christening, remember that it is a sacred occasion and act accordingly. Gift-giving should not take away from the meaning of the Christening. Add a personal touch to your gift to make it a great keepsake. This will be a treasure for the child when they are older. The meaning behind the occasion and tradition should be remembered and enhanced.

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