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Precision Measuring Using Qualified Technicians and a Laser Measuring System


With your substantial investment in machinery, you expect continuous high-performance production. This only happens when machines function properly because of proper alignment. Therefore, schedule precision measuring using qualified technicians and a laser measuring system.

Precision measuring, in essence, is preventative maintenance. It involves checking machines to ensure all components parts work in harmony with one another. Precision measuring ensures the proper calibration and alignment of machine parts.

Synchronized machine parts, properly aligned, means less friction between parts. This reduces wear and contributes to machines operating efficiently. Consequently, they are much likelier to perform optimally and produce product continually.

However, because of the complexity and nuances of modern machinery, you need specialized technicians onsite. With their expertise, they perform precision measuring using laser trackers. Here’s a rundown on what a laser tracker does as part of a laser measuring system:

It Accurately Measures

The laser tracker is a portable measurement system. It relies on a laser beam to accurately measure and inspect in a spherical volume of up to 200 feet. The use of laser tracker technology eliminates human error in measurement data.

An expert contractor with experienced technicians achieves consistent accuracy and precision, and numerical repeatability. These are important alignment objectives.

Achieving these objectives improves operating efficiency and productivity. It also reduces maintenance and downtime, and lowers manufacturing costs. Something as basic as accurate measurement has profound bottom line benefits for manufacturers.

Can Inspect Any Object

A laser tracker in a laser measuring system can inspect any small or large part. It can inspect any stationary or moving apparatus. It can inspect as applies to machinery installation and removal.

Is Applicable To All General Industry Precision Applications

These applications include aerospace and automotive technologies to heavy industrial machinery alignment and everything in-between. The laser tracker is the benchmark for these applications.

Comes in Variations

For precision measuring, laser trackers have variations. One example is the Leica Laser Tracker. Another example is the API Tracker 3.

A good specialized metrology company develops innovative alignment processes and applications using these variations. They customize their services to clients’ exact needs and particular machinery.

Now let’s consider contractors and their technicians who use a laser measuring system. A quality contractor offers their services 24 hours a day.

Manufacturers often have three shifts. They need service providers who provide around the clock coverage. This ensures manufacturers do not experience long bouts of downtime.

A reputable precision measuring contractor also offers competitive rates. Additionally, they maintain these competitive rates. This is whether the work occurs during an emergency outage or regularly scheduled maintenance.

Their technicians also provide onsite custom reports and analysis. Therefore, a manufacturer has current information on their machines for further analysis. They can work together with an onsite technician to evaluate the inspection process and results.

It’s critical that a manufacturer not have to wait for reports and measurement data. Onsite reporting helps management be more efficient in decision making.

They can become operational and schedule production promptly. They also understand the intricacies of their machinery better. This helps them in scheduling future maintenance and check ups.

Precision measuring using qualified technicians and a laser measuring system reaps benefits for your enterprise. You have reduced downtime, less repair costs, and greater production. This drives company growth and sustainability for the future.

Precision Measuring Using Qualified Technicians and a Laser Measuring System
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