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It’s A Girl!

Today I got the news I was having a baby girl. I’am so excited I can’t wait. So now the big question is how should I tell my family and friends. I wanted a special and unique way to share that I was having a girl. So I started doing some research on revealing your pregnant, and this is what I found.

The modern way to reveal your pregnant is with a party. It is when an expected couple reveals the sex of their baby. The parents will let everyone know if they are having a boy or girl. Some couples chose to do this as a separate party from the baby shower. Then there are expectant couples that do this at the baby shower.

These parties are becoming more and more popular. Why you may ask? Well, why not it is a great way to celebrate this happy time with your family. We also all love a party, especially one involving a new baby. So I ask, who wouldn’t want to have a gender reveal party?

Everyone nowadays wants a unique way to tell their news to their family. It is such an exciting time in someone’s life. So I decided to share some of my favorite ways to reveal your pregnant. The possibilities are endless on how you can reveal your news.

To give you some ideas on reveals I have made a list of some.

1. The Gender Reveal Cake
When you cut the cake it will reveal a pink or blue filling.

2. The Big Balloon Release
When you release them you hold on to one that is the sex of the baby.

3. Pop a Balloon
When the balloon is popped, it is filled with pink or blue confetti.

4. Pink Ducks Blue Ducks
Each person at your party picks a duck based on whether they think it will be a boy or girl. You then have the master duck and show everyone.

5. The Gender Reveal Candle
This is where you light the candle and in about 45 minutes it changes color to either pink or blue.

6. The Older Siblings Reveal
This is where your older child would reveal the baby’s sex on a shirt or on a sign.

This is only some of the fun ways to reveal if you’re having a boy or girl. These parties are not just a trend. Gender reveal parties are here to stay. It is fun and exciting for all ages. I can’t wait to have my gender reveal party! Will you be having one?

I love gender reveal parties!

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Pregnancy Announcment | The Modern Way
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