Preliminary selection criteria before the job interview

This article explains the importance of the letter in an application and preliminary selection criteria of candidates before a job interview.

If in response to an ad or on a spontaneous application , we send a curriculum vitae without letter, the employer will ignore your demande.Lorsque for a position, applications are numerous, the first elimination will occur depending on the composition of your application, ie, letter plus curriculum vitae.

In fact, the letter is as important as the CV, it will complement it and thus give information about your personality that emerge not necessarily your curriculum, which is more formal than the letter.

In his presentation, the care (no deletions), but also writing (must be written), the recruiter will be able to get an idea of ??how you work. Even the type of paper used can be studied (paper or not different from that of VC).

Nowadays, many employers rely on graphology, especially for positions of responsibility, which through studying your writing, may establish a profile of your personality.

The contents of your letter will be the second point will see a recruiter. The writing, vocabulary, spelling mistakes or not, the way you describe through it, is information about how you express yourself, to make you understand of others, but also your creativity, determination obtain the position and ease of integration into your team. His writing is very important, you do not write a cover letter without much thought to what they would write.

For a society, time is money and the recruiter may need to make a quick decision in choosing a new employee. The first selection for him, will be studied in an application, curriculum vitae (in order to exclude applicants whose studies and positions previously occupied, had no connection with the proposed use) and second place the letter. A model letter is impersonal much less popular than personalized letter, in which, at first reading, it will say “why not him or her.”

Your letter must give the recruiter wants to meet you, think you are the ideal candidate for the position to be filled, he will lose no time in contacting you for an appointment.