Prepaid Calling Card in State Rates: Make Calls in a Convenient and Affordable Way

Prepaid Calling Card in State Rates

Prepaid calling card in state rates is now readily available for individuals who prefer prepaid rather than postpaid plans. These types of prepaid cards are available for both cellular phone and landline use. Keep in mind that prepaid calling cards have two different rates; one is in units while the other is in dollars or state rates. Thus, before using or purchasing a prepaid card there are a few things one should take note. In regards to this matter, what are the things you need to know about prepaid calling cards.

Prepaid calling card rates

The first thing you need to know is the comparison between the rates of prepaid cards. Rates that are in units are the easiest way to describe. Basically, you only need to remember one thing. In terms of units, 1 unit rate entitles you for a 1 minute call. This is a standard rate that is applicable for domestic calls only. In terms of international calls, rates will differ depending on several factors.

When it comes to state rates or cards containing dollar amounts have no specific minutes to provide. This is because charges would again differ depending on the type of call you’re making. Most rates are based on the distance between you and the receiver. Basically, higher rates would be charged for long distance calls. A classic example showed at is a table that shows different rates charged for various international calls. One in particular is a $10 prepaid calling card in state rates that would entitle you to avail 2000 minutes worth of call to anyone living in Canada.

Things to remember before purchasing prepaid calling cards

The very important matter you should know prior to buying prepaid cards is the instructions. You have to understand how to use it and how to consume the specific amount indicated. You also need to understand its limitations, geographically speaking. Some cards are only valid for a certain area. Rates will also differ depending on the type of card you’re using even if it is from the same phone company. You can ask more details at customer service hotlines that are typically found at the back of the prepaid card.

In purchasing prepaid cards, you also need to check for expiration date. Make sure that the time allotted would be enough for you to consume the amount specified. To find which phone company is best suited for your needs, always check for product reviews and recommendations from your friends and colleagues. Through this, you will be able to optimize the use of prepaid calling cards.


Compared to postpaid plans, prepaid cards have its ups and downs. However, considering availability and practicality, prepaid cards would surely win. This is because with prepaid cards you can control your telecommunication expenses. Furthermore, no hidden charges are added with prepaid calls as long as you know the exact rate applied. You don’t have to worry about insufficient load since prepaid cards are sold almost everywhere. Some companies also provide great deals such as unlimited texts and calls that you can avail. With that, prepaid calling card in state rates is another worthy breakthrough in the telecommunication department.