Prepaid Calling Card in State Rates

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A prepaid calling card can also be referred to as a stored value card and prepaid calling cards in state rates provide an affordable communication facility to many. Prepaid phone calling cards allow the user to pay for telephone calls in advance. This depends on the value of the card or the cost of the calling card. The value of the card is basically the minutes that the user is allowed to talk on their cell phones. As the user talks using the money in the prepaid card, the minutes keep decreasing until the money in the card deplete.

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Prepaid calling cards in state rates present an opportunity for the user to save up on the money they use in calling expenses. This is more experienced with international and long distance calls. In comparison to the post pay facility, the prepaid calling card offers per minute calling rates that enables the user to be careful in their usage of the card. Prepaid cards can be utilized to call from a home phone, many hotels as well as from pay phones including the ones that accept coins.

How do Prepaid Phone Cards Work

Prepaid cards are produced in different denomination dollar amounts. The denomination or face value amounts are preset by the telephone network company. They often come in five, ten or twenty five dollar denominations and to use, one has to buy them at that face value amount. They can also be bought in their minute value. There are those cards that allow the user to talk for thirty, sixty or ninety minutes on each card. Different network companies offer different per-minute costs for use on their network facilities. Before purchasing a card, it is advisable to enquire how many minutes that particular card allows the user to use.

Some companies refer talk time or minutes as unit or air time. A unit equates to one minute of talk time. Different states also charge different rates in prepaid calling cards in state rates.

Prepaid call cards have a certain toll free number that enables the user begin to use the minutes of the card. They also have a PIN or personal identification number. As a security measure, this number is hidden under a scratch-off coat layer and to read the number, one has to scratch the label off. The user then needs to dial the access number and follow some set recorded instructions to make their call.

Where to Buy the Prepaid Cards

Prepaid calling cards in state rates can be bought in different places in as many different states. They can be bought from post offices, discount shopping stores, convenient stores, retail and pharmacy shops, gas stations, neighborhood groceries, vending machines as well as from the internet. When away from home, it follows that the user should ask about fees charged on the card that include state charges as well as state to state costs of a phone call. It is also important to ask about international rates, search fees, maintenance fees, connection fees as well as when he expiry date is on the card. Prepaid calling cards in state rates differ with the state that the call is being made but they assist the user use only the units that he or she has bought.

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