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Prepare a Strong Computer Maintenance Strategy by Fixing Common RAM and CPU Problems

Since no computer maintenance strategy is complete without managing computer hardware, it is better to incorporate a few RAM and CPU maintenance tips to ensure smooth PC functioning. If you’re looking for some cool tips to maintain these two prominent hardware sections, then follow the guide to learn how to prepare a strong PC maintenance strategy by fixing common RAM and CPU problems.

Sometimes, you might find yourself facing some weird computer problems that leave you annoyed and frustrated. Undoubtedly, Windows, Mac, and Linux have their inbuilt utilities to predict, find and troubleshoot common software and hardware issues. Even if you don’t have any clue about some complex PC components, these utilities will help you in solving several uncertain computing errors. It is true that operating systems can detect numerous things to reveal the basic cause of the problem, but a technician will always recommend conducting PC maintenance to ensure minimal damages.

If you’re facing some serious RAM and CPU issues, then follow the below-mentioned tips to enjoy trouble-free computing experience:

1. Check RAM’s Placement

RAM or Random Access Memory consists of some small, long and thin chips to ensure optimal efficiency and correct placement of it on the device’s motherboard. An average user also knows that the chips get placed on the motherboard and have a locking mechanism to hold them in their exact place. Your computer may not boot or present uncertain errors if the memory is not properly inserted. Some users might remove the RAM from its actual place for cleaning the motherboard or blowing out the dust clogs. Ensure that you follow the locking mechanism to lock the RAM to avoid any damages to computer components and other parts.

2. Ensure Power Supply Unit Generates Enough Power

All the devices connect to power sources to light up and provide the desired services. PCs aren’t an exception, and it drains power from the PSU to complete your regular computing tasks. Sometimes, you might attach too many USB devices to your device and the power generated by the PSU might not be able to fulfill the power supply for all the devices. PC guru recommends unplugging some of the USB devices or purchasing a stronger PSU to fix the problem and enjoy seamless computing experience.

3. Check and Manage USB devices

Sometimes, USB devices with internal storage feature can interrupt PC boot and force it to present some unnecessary errors. You can remove all the USB devices like smartphones, iPhones, media players and others and then again try to start your PC. The boot might take a few minutes to complete as operating system will prepare itself to get fully loaded into the system’s memory and then plan for another course of action.

4. Rectify RAM problems

PC problems and RAM problems share a common bond, and none of them can remain in problems without impacting the other one. Undoubtedly, memory is an important PC component in your system, and even small RAM problems can cause system-wide damage and instability. Issues like video driver crashes and file corruption cases can be a result of RAM errors, and you should test your RAM’s efficiency and power online to detect such errors.

5. Update your BIOS Version to Fix the Error

Sometimes, BOIS settings can be a vital reason behind a major computer problem and adjusting RAM timings, frequency and voltages manually can fix the issue easily. Since all BIOS look different and have separate settings, creating a complete and exact guide for it become highly difficult for a PC guru. However, you can update BIOS by using the discs that you’ve got with your motherboard and configure BIOS settings automatically by using a working internet connection.


RAM and CPU problems can cause some serious issues like repeated application crashes, file corruption, and even uncertain system restarts, so these PC components require optimal maintenance. Additionally, you might experience errors in video drivers and overall low system stability due to issues in RAM placement and common CPU errors. Don’t panic, simply try the tips mentioned above to ensure complete computer maintenance and enjoy hassle-free computing experience!

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