Prepare Drywall for Stucco Texture Application – How to

Stucco is a wet plaster that is applied to your interior dry walls. It is an affective texture application that will conceal structural cracks or uneven wall appearance.

When the wet plaster dries it is very hard and difficult to remove. If you intend on applying a stucco application to your interior walls then it is mandatory that you take steps to prepare the room for the messy stucco texture application.


Supplies Needed for Project

Painters tape to protect your windows, doors, baseboards, light switches, outlet coverings and crown molding.

Drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture

Dry cotton cloth

Spray bottle

All-purpose joint compound

Joint mesh tape


Clear the Work Area

Remove furniture from the room. If you cannot move the furniture from the room then push it to the center of the room away from the walls and cover with a drop cloth.

Take down all window treatments, pictures, wallpaper, wall decals, switch plates and outlet coverings. There should be nothing on your walls.

Remove picture hooks from the walls.

Repair Holes in Wall


old-wall-434637_640Patch the holes in the walls with joint compound. For structural surface cracks or damaged walls. Use joint mesh tape to effectively conceal the crack. Cut the tape so that it is the same length and width as the crack. The tape has an adhesive so it will stick to your wall.

Apply a thin layer of all-purpose joint compound with a trowel. You want to cover the joint mesh tape. Allow the compound to dry before sanding the patched wall for a smooth finish.

Clean Interior Walls

Get the interior walls ready for stucco by dusting them with a dry cotton rag. When all of the dust has been removed you would then clean the walls by spraying them with natural white vinegar mixed with equal parts water. Apply a liberal amount of the vinegar solution and then wipe the walls clean with a cloth. When the walls appear dry, wipe them again to remove any leftover dirt or dust.

Allow the interior dry walls to dry thoroughly before applying stucco texture application.


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