Preparing for Dental Schools in The US

What You Need to Do in High School to Get Into Dental School

Before you can apply to a dental school you need to be prepared in advance. There are many things you need to take into consideration before sending in applications to your favorite dental schools.

What you do in high school can have a huge impact on the kind of reception you receive at dental schools. You should choose the right combinations of courses in order to be viewed as a better candidate. The usual important subjects are biology, math, chemistry and perhaps another additional subject like algebra or English. You should also take Advanced Placement Level coursework if possible.

College Year One Preparation

In the first year of college you need to sit with the pre-health advisor and plan out coursework. Dental school requirements for courses can vary from one dental school to another so it is best to check out the recent requirements before you choose the course in this year of college.

You should also ensure that you take up some kind of employment or even volunteer experience in dentistry in the summer months. You can even volunteer at a community health clinic if you want. This will look very good in your dental school application.

You can also explore pre health enrichment programs which are a good step to determine whether you are really fit for dental schools and a career in dentistry in the coming years. You can even complete an internship or attend summer school during this time.

College Year Two and Three Preparation

In this college years, you need to attend pre health activities and join pre dental societies if there are any available in your college. You should also be able to complete the required coursework and explore community service options. You can complete a summer research or do some relevant volunteer work.

You can discuss dental schools in the third year of college and research those schools. Make sure you review the required documents by the dental school well in advance in order to be safe from any problems. You will also need to prepare for the DAT and take the DAT.

College Year Four Preparation

This year, you can attend interviews with dental schools and also apply for federal financial aid. You have pretty much overcome most of the tougher obstacles beyond this point and you can begin to relax a little. All you need to do is concentrate on completion of the course work. Soon your dental school semester will commence and you should be prepared to relocate and attend events and open houses.

Dental School Preparation Summary

When it comes to dental schools, you may have to prepare well in advance. Preparation should begin from high school which gives you ample opportunity to time yourself in a way that you can be completely prepared for attending dental school by the fourth year of college. Also make sure you concentrate on completing the course work every year without fail while you are also concentrating on other important things.