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Presentation for interview – Effecient job interview presentation

Presentation for interview

‘Tell us something about yourself.’ The call for self-presentation is a classic in the interview. You should be proficient in their sleep. Know here, how a convincing Presentation for interview does.

Whether an assessment drive or an interview, the request for a brief description of your career is often the first step of each selection procedure. ‘Please stand in front of the person and to your professional development’ or ‘Summarize your background for us,’ then the call is to you.

Resume in the interview parroting – boring

One then does not want your conversation partner, however, hear from you: The chronological and continuous repetition of your resume with all the individual stations, starting with the highest degree, ending today with the position.

On the contrary: they are written in five minutes on the application beyond orally identify your skills and formative experiences and structured presentation. And always with a focus on job-related needs of your potential employer.

An effective short presentation consists of the following components: I am, I can, I will. I am: just imagine with your name. You describe your current situation.

An example presentation for interview

‘I’m 35 years old, diploma in business administration and currently serves as project manager for the XXX GmbH. There, I am responsible for the issue of trade marketing for the DACH region.

Or: ‘. I’m just about to finish my degree in B. Sc .- Nutritional Sciences at the University of Fulda my bachelor thesis I will give you end-December 2009, the following topic …..’

I can: you name the most important stages of the career. Then follow the performance or examples of projects that are for the other party and the position of interest.

Describe briefly bring in your opinion the most important qualifications for the position offered to you. Likewise, the most important skills with a short reference to the occupational, or other stations where you bought them.

An example:

‘I have more than five years experience in the retail and PoS marketing and project manager for the agency side. I am also very familiar with the demanding customers in industry and commerce.

Significant main tasks are the implementation of strategies from the commercial marketing and coordination of all suppliers and service providers in close collaboration with the client and the various departments, ie, product manager, key account, retail marketing and sales organization.

A current project example, fits well with the expected tasks from my perspective, I would like to describe briefly the following. ‘ Here you describe the project objective of your task and the quantitative and / or qualitative results. After you take – as a result of your professional career – together your professional and personal strengths and competencies.

I want: Talk about your goals with this application and the desired position you have. An example: ‘I would like to use the experience gained from my studies, the practical training in quality assurance as well as my bachelor thesis and develop it in the location in your home.’

What to do about tough issues?

When gaps in your CV you should mention briefly, if they are longer than four months, and fill with content. They should not be justified, but factually represent what was in this time and the experience you have in the future career you have purchased from this period.

Explain the following briefly how your current professional and personal situation is today. Go into your self-presentation factually open about negative career choice or other difficult topics.

Vote on self-presentation job ad

It is crucial for the selection of applicants ultimately always the big match between your qualifications and the requirements of the prospective employer. If you’re in a job interview or assessment center, your career has convinced your comparison, at least in the written form already.

Two tips for interview , must follow

Use active and full of positive statements, not passive and negative.

Not say, ‘I was not promoted …’,’ I came with my supervisor can not cope, ” I could not .., so I quit …’.

But ‘I was responsible for …’ or ‘I, I switched to the XXX Ltd, in order to answer to the issue as a project … and increase my focus.’.

Interview: Practice, practice, practice nothing else

Write before the application deadline in the company your presentation for interview in accordance with the above topics modules words on and practice them in advance, ‘Rate not describe,’ ideally with people you trust, adapted to the purpose and requirements of the new place and always with the motto .

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