President Obama is a different President. he is not a War Mongerer

President Obama is the President of the USA for the last 5 years. He won the presidency in a decisive manner, but it cannot be denied that the non-white vote tilted the scales in his favor. As a senator he had opposed the war in Iraq and was also against the push in Afghanistan. Two significant things happened during his presidency. Firstly he withdrew from Iraq. It’s sad that nearly 5000 young men of the US army were sacrificed at the altar of the ego of George Bush. Obama put a stop to this. Secondly he took a decision to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2014.

Obama realized that the US army cannot win the war in Afghanistan, hence he took the pragmatic way out. In case the US army had continued in Afghanistan, there is every chance that what happened in Vietnam would be repeated; total defeat. One thing is clear from these two actions that Obama does not believe in war as an instrument of US policy. Maybe this is so as he sees things in a different perspective, being a colored man.

Syria is another case in point. Any US president would have launched an attack on Syria. US presidents have done it earlier. Lyndon Johnson escalated the conflict in Vietnam and Bush went to war in Iraq. Obama has held back and has asked for Congressional approval for the military action against Syria. This by itself is a revolutionary step as I do not recollect any American president asking for approval from Congress before launching an attack. Congress will convene on 9th of this month when the issue will be voted.

This si something unheard of earlier. Any white president would have used his authority and launched an attack, but not Obama , he has changed the rules of the game. He stands out as a different man and for this alone is assured of a place in history. To ask for Congressional approval before an attack shows that Obama is a cut above other presidents.

Congress may very well approve the plan to attack Syria, but Obama will have done his bit for history. He is not a man who wants war basically and his approach and view of world politics is very much different from past presidents.