President Obama is beloved in Cuba than in the United States of America

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The ratio of number of ‘fans’ President Obama almost twice the rate of his supporters in the United States.
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On 8/4, the Washington Post of the United States of America led outcomes a public opinion poll conducted recently showed that u.s. President Barack Obama is very popular in Cuba, even being ‘fans’ rather than in his home country of America.

According to the results of this public opinion poll, about 80% of the people of Cuba had expressed positive comments with respect to Mr. Obama, especially after the u.s. Government launched toward normalization of relations with Cuba, the country had been the Us siege, sanctions during the past 50 years.

The poll was organized study conducted with Bendixen Amandi & 1,200 International participants in the past Three months, with the cooperation of the Washington Post.

Since Cuban President Raul Castro came to power, the country has begun to make significant economic reforms. The Cuban people now have been able to purchase the House and run small private businesses, and the majority of Cuban youths are all expressed a desire to have more opportunities in the field of economics.

This survey was carried out in the context of the United States of America and Cuba recently vowed to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries and the sanctions lifted siege, the American embargo.

After the two leaders issued this statement, the Cuban people have expressed optimism about a new future, especially in the economic field. 97% of the people of Cuba said that the enforcement of better relations with the United States will be beneficial to Cuba, and they also expect the American embargo would end.

Said Geoff Thale, Program Director of the Washington Office on Latin America stated: ‘I have a feeling the people in Cuba are very optimistic about the agreement to normalize relations with the United States of America. But the expectation that they most likely have a longer time can become a reality ‘.

The American people also expressed the desire to normalize relations with its neighbors in Cuba. A survey by the Washington Post and ABC News news agency coordination during December last year showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans favor establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, and the number of people who want to put an end to the embargo and travel restrictions for Cuban Americans and higher.

However, the ratio of people supporting Mr. Obama is not as high as the Cuban people. According to a recent survey, the ratio favored Mr. Obama in States just hovers at 45%.

President Obama and President Castro will meet during the Summit of Latin American countries was held in Panama this week. This will be the first time a Cuban leader attended a Conference of the region.

Now the Obama administration is in talks with Cuba to reopen the embassies of both countries in Havana and Washington, three great rounds of negotiations have been held since December until now. Meeting between leaders of the two countries at the Panama Summit, several bottlenecks will be dismantled, including the U.s.a. take Cuba off the list of terrorism sponsors.

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President Obama is beloved in Cuba than in the United States of America, Seekyt
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