News Press Release Algorithms with New Google Updates

Press Release Algorithms with New Google Updates


The current drive to purge low quality content can affect your press releases as well, if you are not careful to ensure all the contents comply with the new rules of the search engines. You are flatly wrong, if you think press releases are not core contents to be penalized. You have to improve your press release content like online content, so you are not penalized. Press release submission as well as its drafting has become vital these days.

And for those who are in confusion they can do without the traffic from Google are bound to embrace suicide. The following points will help you protect your press releases from punishment.

Before coming to the specific points the core needs to be underlined first. You can solve multiple problems at one go by creating high quality and unique content every time you write a press release. The content must be informative so as to satisfy the title and to serve the readers catering to their expectations and needs. It is important in the wake of the fact that there are a great number of companies that flourish on their skills to promote their rubbish on the internet. But the days for them are only limited. If you keep in mind the following points, you probably will never labeled as spam by the search giant Google. And you need to do this for ensuring your press releases are not penalized.

• You need to limit the number of keywords you put in your press release.

• Mind that your anchor text should lead to relevant websites only and not to those which have nothing to do with the niche the press release is about. More so it should not lead to any spam website.

• Where you publish your press release also matters. If you publish it on substandard PR platforms (read low PR web portals), it will affect the authority and reliability of your press release.

• It is useful to make a separate section on your website and post the press releases there.

•Never indulge into such practices like using your live press release in link building projects. Particularly avoid including it in campaigns with the help of automated software. Further don’t promote yourself on cheap websites and don’t employ tactics like participating in forums with multiple profiles.

• On the contrary, do rely on standard and tested press release distribution agencies so you are ensured of high quality PR distribution results.

How to start press release distribution

The start ups are always important as they bring in the needed boost in momentum of the business. But it is important to have an efficient press release distribution strategy. It is important because the businesses have limited resources at the outset. They have limited financial resources as well as they have limited manpower. PR News Lead can be achieved if you keep in mind the above points. Employing a competent company for your press releases can pay you.

In the view of the latest penguin updates form Google, it is equally important to be careful about the quality of the content of your press releases, else it may be penalized. The ways employed in press release submission are also important.

Press Release Algorithms with New Google Updates
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