Prevent Deadly Skin Cancer with this One Easy Step

Skin cancer affects millions of people each year. On the one hand it is easy to treat. Since it is highly visible, most people are able to catch the cancer before it spreads too far and becomes a very serious problem. On the other hand, it is highly preventable, so why subject yourself to more pain and suffering than necessary? Here is the easiest way to prevent cancer, and potentially save your life.

How Skin Cancer Forms

Melanoma, the most common form of deadly skin cancer, comes about due to over-exposure to the sun. Sure the mutations can happen randomly, but they are almost always caused because of sunburns.

Just how bad is the sun for your skin? Scientists have determined that just one bad sunburn before the age of 18 can DOUBLE your chances of developing skin cancer. Now keep in mind that a bad sunburn is considered one that blisters. But how many of us have had severe sunburns? How many of us have had dozens of sunburns, especially while growing up? Every time the skin burns, there is a chance of mutating skin cells. Those mutations may take 20 years to manifest as melanoma, but a childhood burn is setting the stage for cancer later.

Prevent Skin Cancer with This One Trick

Want to know how to prevent skin cancer? In fact, using this one trick can lower your chances of developing skin cancer by 50%. That’s right, this one weird trick can literally cut your risk of skin cancer in half!

That trick is to use sunscreen daily. Using an SPF 30 or higher sunblock means you are half as likely to suffer from deadly melanoma skin cancer later in life. Even if you don’t plan to go outside that day, or if your outside activities won’t last longer than 20 minutes, lather up the sunscreen and prevent yourself some serious pain down the road.

Preventing Melanoma Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a deadly disease. Fortunately, it is very easy to prevent it. Sunscreen is the number one way to stop yourself from developing melanoma, but there are a few other things as well. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, skip the tanning bed (it’s just as deadly as direct sun), and avoid medications that are linked to melanoma. Cancer is the cause a millions of deaths every year. Don’t be a statistic and use sunscreen.