Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

It’s bad having a UTI when nothing exciting is going on in your life, but just imagine suffering from this during a vacation or perhaps while getting married! It becomes even more important during the summer months because the chances of you having a bladder infection are 46% higher.

Because this is when you are more likely to become dehydrated, and since we tend not to drink as much water as we should, drinking less water to flush out your bladder at this time is the perfect condition that causes bacteria to grow and thrive in your bladder.

Don’t wait until the summer to try them. Infections can happen any time, and having a healthy bladder and urinary tract is important to your general health as a whole.

Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day

Water flushes bacteria out of your bladder so it doesn’t have a chance to multiple and cause the painful symptoms associated with urinary tract infections.

Cranberry Flush

You can take one 500 mg cranberry supplement daily or drink several glasses of cranberry juice daily.

Use Garlic

You can reduce the risk up to 90% just by adding 2 tablespoons of garlic powder for every pound of meat, then you should bake or grill until all the juices run clear.


Go pee when you have to, don’t hold it. This is one of the major reasons for bladder infections. Flushing out the bacteria doesn’t give it a chance to multiply.

Personal Hygiene Products

Irritation may cause inflammation, which allows bacteria to multiply in your urinary tract. So if possible, try to avoid irritating bath oils, bubble baths and powders.

Birth Control

Condoms and spermicides can cause irritation and inflammation which increases your chances of developing urinary tract infections.

Toilet Paper Are You Using

Try using plain white, unscented toilet paper, and always wipe from front to back, lowering the chance of irritation.

Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear absorbs moisture, keeps you cooler, lets air circulate and keeps the urethra area dry.

Urinary Tract Infections During Sex

Be sure to empty your bladder before sex. Be sure to keep to the missionary position during sex, this alleviates some of the friction that may cause irritation to your urinary tract, and be sure to empty your bladder after sex.

Not Hot Tubs

Swimming pools are a better choice because the bacteria levels are checked regularly. But even though the swimming pool is a better choice, you should still rinse off as quickly as possible.


This concludes the measures you can use to prevent a urinary tract infection, and you can use all of the methods provided. However, if you are already experiencing symptoms, then you should contact your physician immediately.