Preventing the Flu Tips

How to Prevent the Flu

Ever since recent flu seasons acquired pandemic proportions, people have prepared themselves with reserves of sanitizers, anti-bacterial gels and soaps, and a range of medications. As smart as it might be to prepare ahead of the upcoming flu season, people shouldn’t forget that the flu can be prevented by taking certain measures.

Flu Prevention Tips

Remember that to have high defenses against the flu virus, or any other virus for that matter, out preventive actions should focus should be on strengthening the immune system. The most safe and reliable way to go about this is, of course, the natural way. Here, we bring you a few ideas to try and boost your immunological system. The more you try, the more advantage you have at preventing the flu!

Fight the Flu with the 5 A Day Campaign

Remember the ‘5 a day’ campaign? They really were onto something: ingesting a wide variety of natural foods ensures you’ll have a strong immune system. These foods are natural goldmines for vitamins and minerals that are essential for achieving, and keeping, a healthy body. Make sure that enough fruits and vegetables are included in your diet every day, and change them up once in a while to try new things. Different foods contain different nutrients, and the more you have, the higher your defenses will be!

Prevent the Flu with Vitamic C

Prior to flu season, you can increase your dosage of Vitamin C by ingesting citric fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Even if you end up catching the flu, ingesting additional Vitamin C can shorten the duration of the flu and reduce the symptoms.

Fend of the Flu with Vegetables

There are certain strong-tasting vegetables that are known to have been used since many centuries ago to prevent infections and to clear the respiratory tracts. These include garlic and the wide variety of chilies. They not only give you an extra boost, but they also heighten the body’s temperature, allowing it to fight viruses and bacteria. If you’re not used to strong condiments, you can include them in tea or eat them in small pieces. You can also try mushrooms: they produce and protect white blood cells, which fight off infections when they occur.

Healthy Lifestyle to be Disease Free

Having a healthy lifestyle and hygienic habits will pretty much give you everything you need to prevent the flu. Exercising regularly, or being active for 30 minutes a day will renew your body’s energy, and it can reduce your chances of catching the flu by half! Getting a good 8-hour sleep and resting when your body requires it makes your body ready every day to fight off infections. Finally, washing your hands regularly increases your odds of keeping your body flu-free; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth to prevent invaders from entering your body.

Prevent the Flu with Tea

Have some tea! Both black and green teas, when drunk regularly, increase your levels of a natural chemical known as interferon, which fights viruses.

Flu Prevention Tips Summary

You don’t have to worry about this year’s flu season if you follow these measures. Pay attention to your body and its needs to keep a healthy lifestyle and you’ll never lack an excellent health.