Prevention and home remedy for migraine attacks

Migraine is the most common problem nowadays. People often complain about the severe migraine attacks which affects their daily life activities. However, our lifestyle is the main cause of migraine headaches.

Due to our busy life schedule, we ignore many things that are necessary to keep us fit and fine. We are so much busy in our life that we don’t get enough personal time. All the time, we are busy in some sort of work. Increasing work pressure creates stress in mind.This stress makes the mind restless and people often face lack of concentration due to it. They don’t even get enough time to sleep and refresh their mind.

The main causes of migraine are stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and sometimes, extreme climatic conditions like excessive cold or hot. To effectively control the migraine attacks, you must deal with its causes first. Taking just the medicine will suppress the attack for a certain period. To treat the problem completely, you must first eliminate its causes.

There are several medicines in the market to cure migraine attacks. However, these medicines do have some side-effects too. You can try some home remedies for migraine as they don’t have much negative impacts on our health.

  • Migraine is due to the inflammation of blood vessels. So, application of ice on the area can cause the reduction of inflammation. Apply ice pack on back side of your neck. Also, surround your head with an ice wrap. this will ensure some relaxation in the headache.
  • Avoid the causes of migraine : There are some things that act as a catalyst in increasing the migraine. These things include bright light, direct sun exposure, coffee, smoking and drinking alcohol. So, if you suffer from migraine attacks, it is advisable to leave these things.
  • Take a diet full of fruits : It is found in the researches that a fruity diet helps to prevent migraine attacks. So include a lot of fruits in your diet and have some fruit juice daily. Do take vitamin B and D in your diet because their deficiency may cause migraine.
  • Meditation : Whenever possible, do some meditation and Yoga. The best thing with this is that you can do yoga even in the office. So, you need not a special place to do that. Some deep breathe exercises are also helpful.
  • Do not work for long time sitting in the same position. Take regular breaks from your work at some intervals.
  • Ayurvedic remedy for migraine : Make a mixture of 50 grams cumin seeds and 50 grams of honey soaked in fresh lemon juice. Allow this mixture to dry in sunlight for a whole day. Repeat this process for 1 week. Take 5 gm of the mixture empty stomach to get rid off migraine.

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