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Preventive maintenance of sliding doors

Sliding doors are prone to wear and tear due to frequent to and fro action of the door panels that is necessary for its functioning. The extent of use and the frequency of door opening are the determinant factors about the health of sliding doors. The hardware of the door that has some moving parts like rollers are usually damaged that necessitates sliding door repair. There is also accumulation of dust and dirt on the moving parts that have to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the door functions smoothly.  Having sliding doors at home means you have to pay attention to its maintenance and take the responsibility of doing some small things regularly on your own that would be part of the preventive maintenance. It will save you some cost and extend the life of the door that is quite costly to replace.


Keep it clean

It is only natural that dirt and other debris accumulate within the sliding tracks and the roller bases making movement difficult. When this happens you will experience that the smoothness of movement has gone and a good amount of effort is required to move the doors. It is no more easy to move the door at a slight push. Have a schedule for cleaning the tracks and roller bases at regular intervals to prevent accumulation of dirt. The tracks can then be cleaned with soap water.

Check the rollers

To check the rollers you have to remove the door panel from the tracks. You cannot do it alone but would require some assistance as the panels are very heavy. The glass has to be removed for which the stop molding inside the jamb has to be removed first by unscrewing. The rollers become visible which can be cleaned with a piece of cloth to remove the dirt. Apply lubricant on the rollers to ease movement. If jamming is still felt then the rollers might have got corroded and need replacement.

Screw adjustments for tracks

Due to constant use it is possible that the height between the tracks get altered, in most cases it gets reduced that results in sticking of sliding doors. When this happens you have to pay attention to the two screws that are located on the bottom of the unit towards the edge or the face. By adjusting these screws after removing the trim caps will help you to adjust the height of the tracks. The screws should be adjusted in unison to ensure that the height of the door is uniform throughout. If sticking is experienced for the whole unit then both the screws need to be tightened by a quarter turn.

Since sliding doors are costly assets, it makes good sense to not take care of the door on your own. This is because, you might end up causing more damage than doing anything good. Therefore, it is always best to get in touch with professional sliding door repair services to be assured of  taking care of  the door with minimum hassle. Regular maintenance will ensure smooth functioning and long life for the costly asset.


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