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Have you ever wasted time clicking on link after link and opening page after page only to find you were way off course and hadn’t found what you were looking for? Well, you don’t have to go down those dead ends anymore thanks to CoolPreviews. CoolPreviews is a web-based application that will allow you to open a preview window without clicking on a link to go to the linked page. This way you get to see the page being linked without ever leaving the page you’re on.

White House Porn

Imagine the surprise some people got years ago, when they typed a URL for the white house or clicked on a link to this site only to be taken to a porn site. That’s right, a porn site. Of course, users where expecting to be taken to the President of the United States residence when they clicked on those links but many were in for a big surprise when they found themselves on a porn site. As it turned out, an entrepreneur that had the right to the domain name took advantage of interest in the white house to draw viewers to his porn site. It’s an old marketing technique called bait and switch. By the way, the URL doesn’t work anymore so don’t bother checking it out.

Look Before You Click

If these users had been able to use CoolPreviews, they would have been able to see where they were being taken on the web before they clicked on links that appeared to go to the White House of the United States of America. CoolPreviews is a free download that works with the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers. After you download and install CoolPreviews from their website it allows you to preview a link by using your mouse pointer to hover over a small blue diamond beside hyperlinks on web pages. When you hover over a link on a webpage, CoolPreviews puts a small blue diamond out to the right of the link. Holding your mouse pointer over the diamond cues CoolPreviews to open the link in a small separate window in front of the page that you’re on. The window will stay open as long as you keep your pointer inside the window or if you click to close it. You can also “pin” the window to your page, which will keep it open without having to keep your pointer inside the window. CoolPreviews has some additional functions that can be very helpful but the ability to preview a webpage is the main advantage to CoolPreviews.

Are You Sure You Trust That Link

There is one other advantage that I would like to mention about CoolPreviews. When you use CoolPreviews to preview a link, there is no history left on your computer. Depending on the settings on your computer, when you click on a link the link leaves a record or history of your visit on your computer’s web browser. The history on your web browser is accessible to anyone that has access to your computer. Obviously that could lead to an invasion of your privacy. Here’s an example to show how beneficial it could be to use CoolPreviews. Here’s a link that I’ll call “Mystery Link.” Do you know where you will be taken if you click on it? Here’s a challenge, either click on the link now to see where it goes or download and install Coolpreviews and preview the link before you click on it. This should make us think about how much we trust links to take us where they say they will. You don’t have to blindly trust links anymore if you use CoolPreview links to see more about the links.

Disclaimer: I do not represent Coolpreviews in any capacity nor am I compensated in any form. This article is solely the opinion of the respective writer. Any action taken based on any content herein is under your own responsibility, and the site and its writer assume no liability.

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