Pricing guide for used recreational vehicles: What to Expect

Pricing guide for used recreational vehicles are used by the seller or the buyers to determine the monetary value of the vehicle you would like to purchase. Purchasing a recreational vehicle is a major financial decision. Before buying, inquire all the necessary information as possible. You can use the independent pricing guide for you to know the value of used recreational vehicle. You are surely interested in pricing a vehicle by manufacturer, make, model or year before you purchase.

The most common guide is distributed by Kelley Blue book and National Automobile Dealer Association. Both guides’ list prices are for used cars and new cars; also they have catered the needs of the consumers.

National Automobile Dealers Association

With NADA pricing guide you can get the recreational vehicle information you need for making decision. Like if you want to buy or sell a used recreational vehicle. NADA also offers information for motor homes, truck campers, and trailers. The guide recommends retail and wholesale as well as it provides assistance in pricing the one you want to purchase. The pricing guide is available in CD-ROM and its database is accessible online. If consumers plan to trade their used vehicles, NADA provides good services in dealership and it is also a good source for determining what value the dealer should use in trading. In choosing NADA before purchasing a new vehicle or trade your old vehicle can help to ensure a fair deal. The company is dedicated to promote the interest of car dealers. It is not a private company it is depends on contribution of its members to keep functioning even online. Until now the National automobile dealers’ association public profile remains low compared to Kelley blue book.

Kelley Blue Book

The Kelley blue book offers both separate guides for campers and trailers. The Kelly blue book guide recommend selling prices based on percentage of the manufacturer suggested retail price without checking the condition, accessories and option for a particular vehicle. This guide may be purchased through online or retail outlets. Unfortunately Kelley blue book does not maintain online data for recreation vehicles. It is a trusted source of information in determining a fair price on any type of automobile. Their service provides an average purchased price of each car as well as low and high value for the costumers’ contentment. There are two types of Kelley blue book, the low Kelley blue book and the high blue book value. The lower end of the price range is the low value listed by Kelley blue book. It is the approximate lowest you could expect to pay for a car you want to purchase or else the lowest selling price listed. While on the other side, the high value is the highest possible price of car that represent a big amount of money spend on vehicle or largest amount when you are selling the car. Kelley blue book focuses primarily to costumers concern and the company the first to adapt the online presence.

Both Kelley blue book and National Automobile Dealer Association provide information for auto buyers, sellers, dealers on used or and new vehicles value and specifications. Also the two pricing guides’ offers extensive website that originally had a hard copy format. With the use of this two the following key differences are as follows:


Prices for vehicles listed in Kelley blue book guide are often different with the NADA guide. When determining a vehicles’ value it is a wise thing to do if you look into the both sources. Because of the difference focus of NADA and Kelley blue book, these two have different way in calculating there prices. Kelley prices tend to reflect mileage, condition, features, and popular demands. The prices of Kelley are what the costumers expected to pay. While with NADA its prices is based in auctions. The condition and mileage are not so important with NADA. However the demand is critical as it helps identify the auction prices. If you are in a market for a new, used, or certified pre-owned car you can look up the Kelley blue book value if the asking price is fair and enough.

Vehicle types

Other than recreation vehicles the National Automobile Dealer Association also provides pertinent information on classic cars, motorcycles, boats, and manufactured homes. Unlike with Kelley blue book which only deals with automobiles. Kelley blue book provides values for all types of vehicles. Knowing what your car is worth will help you get a fair price from a dealer or an individual buyer in selling or trading a car.


Kelley blue book, this guide gives updated news information as well as a bunch of substantial articles. Such articles like how to buy or sell a new car or may be how to trade your old vehicle. Unfortunately Nada doesn’t provide such information regarding on this.

Loans and Insurance

National automobile dealer association doesn’t feature loans on their website in such however the Kelley blue book does provide this kind of information they are providing information regarding on auto loans and insurance.

Many car shoppers are often mistaken by the differences of this two pricing guide. The National Automobile dealers’ association list overall higher prices for the same car unlike with Kelley blue book. Because of these estimates high to meet dealers’ expectations while the Kelley estimates low to accommodate a wider range of factors. The National automobile dealers’ association trade in values which are lower than those listed by Kelley blue book mainly because of its differences on segment of organization that caters it.


In determining the Pricing guide for used recreational vehicles it is a very challenging task. You can find a range of different prices for every model often with little reasons of discrepancies. A pricing guide is a valuable starting point of negotiating preparations for the customers and for the sellers. Kelley blue book identifies the high and low range by considering a number of factors. One of the issues for the Pricing guide for used recreational vehicles is the current market condition. Other factors includes recent sales statics for the model, it demands to the society and also recent reviews or information about the car’s safety ratings.