Pricing Guide for Used Recreational Vehicles

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Recreation vehicles are also known as RVs and pricing guide for used recreational vehicles will depend on its age as well as how many miles it has done. RV guides are mostly used by sellers and buyers to come up with the value in value of a particular trailer or camper. The mostly used and popular guides are usually given out by Kelley Blue Book and NADA.

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National Automobile Dealers Association Blue Book

The NADA or the National Automobile Dealers Association Blue Book is a nationally recognized and authorized book that spells out the guidelines on vehicle pricing as well as keeping up with any latest offers that manufacturers may have and offering the very best of car deals. NADA is an organization that was launched in 1917 and generally represented dealers of cars back then.

Vehicle dealers in that era petitioned to the United States government to decrease taxes on luxury vehicles. The petition was positively accepted and this move gave rise to the association being formed. With the passage of time, advances were and continue to be made regarding the policies. The book is now available in the form of a CD-ROM or through the NADA’s website at In spite of the book being printed in black and yellow, it is still known as the blue book guide. The book gives pricing guide for used recreational vehicles as well as new ones.

Kelly Blue Book Values

Kelley blue book is a book that offers two different guides for trailers and campers. The book is a good guide that recommends selling prices of the two recreation vehicles depending on the percentage of the vehicle’s MSRP or Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price irrespective of its accessories, conditions and type of vehicle. This book is less in popularity than the NADA Blue Book but is has considerable following. The probable reason for this is because NADA provides a basis for tax calculation while the Kelly Blue Book does not. The guide book can be bought from retail vehicle related outlets as well as from online stores. Kelly Blue Book does not provide or contain any online information that relate to recreation vehicles or RVs.

Getting NADA Guide Used RV Values

Get onto the website and click on the Recreational Vehicles link accessible from the main menu. Select on the Used RV Pricing from the available sub menus. When you select the type of vehicle from the provided list you can click on the first letter of the manufacture’s name. Following this provision, click on the year of manufacture of the RV. Select other features such as model, trim package and series. This will enable you get the value after you click he ‘Get Used Value’ button.

Selling and Buying of RVs

Coming up with the price of sale of any recreational vehicle can sometimes prove to be a challenge. A valuation appraisal guide is done and this should actually be the beginning point for the buyer and seller to negotiate on price. Pricing guide for used recreational vehicles then becomes easier with the above guidelines.

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